You can find 1,000 ways to make money

Money is not everything in this world but it really has great worth in our life. Without it we cannot spend a happy life despite of the fact that happiness can’t be bought but it arises from the heart. It may be right that eternal things like love, loyalty, affection etc can’t be purchased but it is a bitter reality that we can’t enjoy any kind of eternal feeling if we don’t have money. It means to spend a happy life we must be rich and for this we must know several ways to make money.

What are different ways to make money?

Every person has different qualities and skills. Not all can enjoy the same job. Nor all can be comfortable in doing similar work. Some people like to do job, some other love to run their own business. After internet many people want to do freelance work. But what is the objective of all of them. Same! Exactly they all eventually want to earn money. It means there are thousands of ways to make money. Few of them bring prompt results, a few works for long-term returns and a few others are a guarantee to make you a billionaire. It means no single way is equally effective for all. Therefore, there must be thousands of ways to make money so that everyone can follow the one of his choice.

What are 1,000 ways to make money?

This is actually a detailed guide that gives exactly 1,000 ways to make money. All of them are tested one. You can ask if you need the one then what you will do with other 999. This is a valid question. But the purpose of providing this much ways is:

  • To give you wide range of options
  • To make you select the best one
  • To make you switch over many times if your selected one does not work
  • To enable you to become money-making mentor and offer this service on fee

Why should you know 1,000 ways to make money?

Because money really matters, right. You must have maximum options to adopt several at a time to make your dream come true. For this purpose you can also mix several into one and make a lethal recipe to become rich and spend a happy life. It means your chances of success gets brighter if you have several paths leading to success. This is just like if you have multiple options to reach at your destination through several highways you remain more confident to reach there. Then you think about time factor and select one of them that make you reach at the final point in minimum time. In the same way if you have multiple ways to earn money then your chances are brighter to successfully do at least one of them.


If you browse all over the internet you will get thousands of free tips and advices to make money but why people are still searching such advices. Unfortunately people have yet to become rich despite of these plenty of free guidelines. It means how come a free stuff can make you become rich. Is it possible that a financial advisor gives you advice to save without charging fee? It means free advice may have some worth but it can never make you achieve your money goals. For this you have to invest because this is one and only successful recipe of making money and entire history is witnessed to this fact. Without spending money you can never earn money. Accept this rule or make compromise over less money; choice is yours.

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