Work hard to succeed or work smart to win; choice is yours

What do you want in your life? Obviously success of any type! It may be monetary, spiritual, ethical or good mix of all of them. How do you achieve your goals to become a successful person? You work hard? You put your life into action. You sacrifice a lot. Then you achieve your goals. But did you ever note that many people work hard but don’t succeed in their life. They remain a part of the crowd and never shine anywhere. No one remember them. What happens to them? Actually they fail to differentiate between hard work and smart work. So, what is the difference between them? You actually work hard to succeed and work smart to win. Still confused? Ok let me elaborate further.

What is hard work?

Hard work means doing work with a constant pace regularly and dutifully without any boredom. It aims to achieve certain goals and makes the hard worker successful but after a lengthy struggle. There is no element of luck in this process and one has to pass quite hard time before reaching one’s destination. Usually average people work hard to success and genius people work smart to win. You might have heard in the field of blogosphere that several bloggers spent their six to ten years in struggle and then became successful blogger. They are hard workers.

What is smart work?

Smart work means to do your work with a lot of labor but with perfect plan and excellent strategy. You do it in a way no one did it earlier. You fill the gap make your product or service really saleable. Instead of putting your whole life, you achieve your goal in quite a little time with the best use of your talent and skills. So this is the benefit of smart work; you achieve your goals quite earlier and then you enhance your achievements to become more successful.

What should be your choice?

It ups to your skills and abilities which one you choose; hard work or smart work. You have to pick the one which you can do without any problem. If you want to work smartly but don’t have abilities to do so it means you choose a wrong path. So first evaluate yourself and then go for the most suitable option for you.

The basis of your choice

Before opting for hard work or smart work you must examine:

  • You skills
  • Your abilities
  • Your passion for your desired work
  • Your long term goals
  • Your aptitude and tendency

If you feel you have a lot of passion, sound skills, strong abilities, and have tendency and aptitude to do the work which you want to do; so you must opt for the smart work. Your long term goals should be to develop prowess in your field and become a successful professional. In this way you would always try to do smart work to achieve maximum in minimum time period. Otherwise you would be spoiling your whole life in hard work to achieve less with huge perspiration.

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