Why do women leaders are lesser?

Several studies proved that because of their tolerance level, consistency to work and sharper wisdom women folk proved themselves better leader than their gender counterparts. In business sector a few women are at the top positions. But they are smaller in number. Similarly in politics world has witnessed charismatic women leaders but their number is also lesser. In community leadership their number is quite a big but not at a higher level.

In every field women leaders are lesser

It is right to ask if women are better leaders then why they are so less in number. Take an example of any corporate giant, political arena of a country, global forum or else less than a few are women at the helm of their affairs. Does that mean women are not getting opportunities to lead the world? To some extent it is right.

Mindset of society is mainly responsible

This world comprises of mix of communities. All are not liberal here. Many are so conservative and don’t believe in hegemony of women. Majority of communities are paternal in nature. Male members have more say in families. People from such communities come in practical life they follow the same rule. They keep the women behind and prefer men for the top slots.

Women just share financial burden

Economic realities are equally responsible to keep the women leaders fewer. In most of the eastern societies the financial responsibility is the sole domain of men folk. Even if women do job that’s main objective is not to afford the family. Their purpose is to share the financial burden of their male counterparts. Therefore, societies develop their norms in a way to give more chances of jobs to men and in case of exceptions women are offered jobs. Strangely enough there is women quota in jobs in most of the backward countries.

Advance societies yet to become fully advance

In liberal societies of Europe and America women do have chance to grow professionally. Here also women leaders are less. Why? Does it mean apparently these countries are liberal and actually there is bias against women? It is not very right. Actually these societies have also followed the gender balance just a century ago. Still women folk want to just share the financial burden of their male partners. Therefore, they do not plan from the beginning to play complete role in practical life. Secondly a woman also becomes mother and has to prefer baby care over job. That is why they can’t compete with their counterparts with full participation.

Women are really great leaders

Despite of the above facts women folk in every type of society proved their charisma as leader. Either it is politics, business or art they showed their worth professionally. The positive sign is that their number is increasing very fast.

We all know one reality very well. The first leader of every person is its mother. Similarly every leader gets first lesson of leadership from his or her mother. So the lap of a mother is the first training center of the leadership. Therefore, in leadership men can never outdo women in any way.

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