What search engines want from your niche website?

You don’t need to learn any rocket science to know what search engines want from your blog or niche website. They want clarity in your contents, in your site design and layout. They don’t have much time to stay on your site even for a while. They just check the relevance of your contents to thousands of queries they receive from the web searchers on daily basis. They just pick the most relevant post and move it towards the search-display window for its searcher.

There are four search engines which cover nearly 95 percent of the daily searches on internet. These are:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Ask

Apart from that there are hundreds of small search engines but they just get the relevant information from the above main sources and pass on the same to their searchers. That is why a blogger or manager of a niche website has to take care of all the requirements of all the above search engines.

Relevance and uniqueness

Search engines don’t have separate requirements. They just need relevance and uniqueness in the contents. On the basis of relevance they come to your contents and on the basis of freshness in your stuff they pass on to those who want to read them. How do they do that? This is a heck of the technical process and we don’t have to learn about it.

Do SEO honestly

Our main concern is what search engines want from your niche website or blog. They want you to honestly follow the search engines optimization rules. Remember you can’t befool any search engine, either small or big. Your over-smartness will never pay you back. Sooner or later you have to pay the price for it; either you would be losing your traffic or you would be getting no more traffic. In either of the way you would be the only sufferer.

Befriend the search engines

Therefore make up your mind to befriend the search engines and do all they want from your niche website. They want you to write contents without any plagiarism. No spinning of contents. No rewriting of already available stuff on internet. Search engines are not human beings but not lesser than them in intelligence. So you have to adjust yourself with this reality.

Readers first

It does not mean you should focus all your blogging efforts just to please the search engines. This will lead you to the worst failure. You can just fulfill their requirements but the ultimate source of the success of your blog would be traffic, the visitors of your blog. These are the visitors who you can sell your products or convert them into your subscribers or clients. So search engines are just a source to reach your audience that must be your main target.

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