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The visa requirements are quite easy for those who have earlier gone to abroad or any of their friends or family members traveled overseas and knows how to fulfill these formalities without any mistake or omission. However, those who are now planning to go abroad for the first time in their life will obviously be feeling the process of obtaining a visa quite challenging if they don’t have prior visa information of the country where they want to go.

Who needs a visa and who doesn’t?

This is the most important point while mentioning the visa requirements of a country. Every country has its own visa regime or system which offers privileges to the citizens of many countries while granting the visa and on flip side places several restrictions on citizens of a few other countries while letting them to come to its land. It all depends upon the foreign policy of each country which provides the guidelines to issue or not to issue a visa to the citizen of a country. Similarly accords and pacts of a country with other countries and with the regional and global forums regarding visa affairs also set the standards for a country to easily issue the visa to the citizens of a country or ban the entry of the citizens of one or more than one country because of the strained relations with them.

On the other hand many countries have no requirements of visa for citizens of friendly countries because of the free visa regime with them. Similarly a country having a membership of a geographical, ideological or economical bloc also waives the restrictions of visa on the citizens of all the member countries of the same bloc. Its glaring example is the European Union where all the EU countries have no visa restrictions on each others’ citizens.

A visa is a travel document that gives a person permission to enter a specific country and stay there for a certain amount of time. Contact the embassy or the consulate in the country that is being traveled to for information on visa requirements with the help from any qualified travel agent. Watch this video on international travel tips for visa requirements.

Visa requirements vary with the type of visa

There is no any common set of visa requirements of each country of the world for all types of visa. There are five broad categories of the visa:

  • Visit Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Business Visa

Each type has its own requirements. Moreover, each country has a different set of requirements for every type of the visa. Nature of the visa requirements – soft or strict – also depends upon the various economic and investment policies of a country. For example if a country needs huge foreign investment then obviously it places lesser requirements for the foreign investors to get the visa. On the other hand if a country has limited number of seats in its higher educational institutions then it fixes strict criteria to issue a student visa to a foreign student. Likewise, if a country is very vulnerable to the unlawful activities then it will not adopt a lenient view while issuing a visit visa to a foreigner and will follow strict scrutiny of each applicant of such type of visa.

Countries with a huge tourism industry offer special schemes for the tourist visa because a large number of their manpower is attached with their tourism sector. India is the typical example of lenient policy for the tourist visa. But it does not issue the tourist visa to the citizens of all the countries under the same criteria. It has a soft tourist visa policy for the citizens of a group of the countries mostly from the western and rich countries who spend a lot while touring India and support their products and services based tourism market. In short, many counties with lot of tourism spots provide the best customer care services while issuing the tourist visa and tourists don’t face much difficulty to obtain the visa of the tourism-intensive countries.

Visa requirements vary with the citizenship

Yes this is an important question your visa issuing authority asks you with much curiosity. Where are you from? It is the most repeated question when one goes to the visa office of a foreign country for obtaining a visa form. Your citizenship plays key role to help you achieve the visa of a country. There are a few countries in this world that have centuries’ long animosity with a neighbor country or with a country in region and citizens of both the countries can’t imagine visiting each others’ land. Two Koreas are its typical example and because of very strained relations with each other entry of citizens of both the countries is banned into the land of each other.

Similarly, if a country has cautious foreign policy or cold relations with any other country it places strict visa requirements for the citizens of that country. On the flip side, two counties having cordial relations with each other put visa restrictions on each others’ citizens just as a formality. Sometimes because of the strong cultural or religious bonding a country softens the visa restrictions on the occasion of cultural or religious festivities. But it happens in very rare cases and with due care; this softness doesn’t mean everyone is allowed to freely enter in a country to attend the rituals or special religious events. One has to get oneself registered before entering into the host country.

General Visa Requirements

Regardless of the type of the visa and the visa issuing country, there are four broad categories of the visa requirements.

Your identity

It means your citizenship. It is reflected in your passport. A passport is issued by your country of citizenship. For obtaining a passport you have to prove your permanent residence in the passport issuing country. You can prove your citizenship through your national identity card. So your passport is the proof of your citizenship in your home country.

Your character

To issue various types of the visa, most countries also verify your character which aims to examine you as being having no links with any kind of antisocial activity and nor have you been involved in any type of the criminal activities in the past. It also aims to verify that no any civil or criminal case is pending against you in your country of citizenship. You have to prove such details by submitting your character certificate duly issued by the public representative or from the judicial or the police authority of your area.

Your purpose

The purpose of your visit defines the type of your required visa. If you are a tourist and roam all over the world then a tourist visa is issued to you. But you have to prove that you are a genuine tourist which you can confirm by showing a number of visas of various countries stamped on your passport which is sufficient to support your claim of being a tourist.

To obtain a visit visa you have to give evidence of your relationship with the people who you are going to meet or credence of the invitation of the ceremony or event you are going to attend abroad. If there is an emergency like severe illness of any of your family members and non-availability of medical care in your home country for her or his treatment you have to submit documents verifying these claims to obtain a visit visa.

To get a student visa the main evidences you have to show are; you are a student, you got admission in a foreign country and you are rich enough to afford all your educational expenses abroad. To get a business visa you have to submit the documentary evidence of your purpose linked to your business. Similarly, to obtain a work visa you have to show the proof of your job in the foreign country.

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Your financial position 

This is the most important element of the visa requirements. If you don’t have money you are not eligible to get any type of visa. You have to show your financial eligibility that you can pay for air fare, hotel stay in the foreign country and you will come back before the end of the validity of your visa. For the longer stay in a foreign country specially for studies you have to show evidence of possessing a huge amount of money to afford all your living expenditures there without seeking any help in a foreign country nor doing any job unlawfully to earn your livelihood.

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