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Travelling to America is not so difficult but obtaining its permission i.e US visa to go there is dam difficult. Because of its peace, prosperity and justice system people from all around the world more particularly from less developed countries intend to go to America either to get education, to do a job or to permanently settle there. Reasons may be any but the purpose is obtaining quality in their pursuit. To obtain a US visa of any type it is necessary that you should have basic information of US immigration because most of the people intend to settle in that country of opportunities and happiness permanently.

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Word of Caution

Before initiating the process of obtaining the immigration of the US on whatever ground you must remember that you can’t dodge its visa issuing authorities more particularly in case of permanent visa because they would not let anyone be their compatriot who can resort to unfair means for a little materialistic gains. Therefore, during the whole process of acquiring the US immigration; from submission of your case to the immigration authorities to your arrival in America you must not misstate the facts of any kind either regarding your personal affairs or the official ones. If the truth reveals after sometimes it is possible that you may be deported to your homeland without assigning any reason thereof. This is one of the most important US immigration information.

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Types of US immigration

Broadly speaking there are four types of US visa immigration as given below:

  • Naturalization
  • Family immigration
  • Employment based immigration
  • Immigration on humanitarian grounds


Under this option one can get the nationality of US by fulfilling all its requirements to offer a nationality to a foreign national under its immigration laws. Very few foreign nationals apply under this category because there must be strong justification to get this type of the immigration. You must have concrete reasons that after acquiring US citizenship you would be so constructive for the American society and your purpose is not to obtain a job, do studies or business but you literally wants to settle in US despite having lot of opportunities in your country of origin. Usually people don’t have this type of US immigration information.

Family immigration

Under this category you can get the permanent residence of the US if your spouse or either of your parents is American national. It is not enough to just claim the US nationality but you have to go through a detailed process of confirming you claim. If an American adopts a child hailing from another country that child too is eligible for the US immigration.

Employment based immigration

Under this category if a US employer offers a job of permanent nature to a foreign national because of his or her unmatchable skills in a certain field that foreign national can get the US immigration on the sponsorship of his or her US employer by fulfilling all the formalities related to this category.

Immigration on humanitarian grounds

Nationals of certain designated countries can also get US immigration if US administrative authorities working in such countries recommend their case. For example the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan can permanently settle in US if high-ups of America allow them to get this privilege because of their special circumstances like danger to their life, their inability to survive in the homeland or their utility on US land etc.

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Thing to remember

The main US immigration information is that US immigration can’t be obtained like you get US non-immigrant visa by simply apply for it with various documentary evidences. For US immigration under any category one has to file petition and after its approval one has to process further to obtain it.

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