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Is it so difficult to get a visa of the country of your choice? Remember it is not so easy too. There are certain requirements you must fulfill to become hundred-percent eligible to obtain the type of the visa you want of a country. Your slight overconfidence may deprive you of an opportunity to go abroad during your visa processing. Therefore at every step of your applying for a visa, you should remain so vigilant and so realistic because visa issuing authority doesn’t like to overlook even if you make a mistake howsoever unintentionally.

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Prior to visa application process

To submit an application to get a visa of the country of your choice you must initially decide the following very clearly:

  • Where do you want to go abroad?
  • Why do you want to go abroad?
  • When do you want to go abroad?
  • Whom do you want to go with?
  • How do you want to go overseas?

Where do you want to go abroad?

It is the most important question regarding your foreign travelling plan. It depends upon your purpose that where do you want to go abroad? Broadly speaking there are two main reasons of your going abroad.

  • Personal reasons
  • Official reasons

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Personal reasons of going abroad

In case of personal reasons you want to go abroad to seek pleasure, to meet relatives and friends, to get medical treatment or to attend any voluntary activity in a foreign country. If there is a family matter then there is no need to think about where you want to go because wherever your relatives are living, definitely you would go in that country.

As far as medical treatment of yourself or any of your dependents is concerned you would obviously go to a medically advanced country especially to a country where the best treatment of your or your dependent’s ailment is available at the cost within your range. In case of any voluntary activity you would go to a country where that activity is being carried out. To seek pleasure or to enjoy and having fun you would select a country where you feel to enjoy better and its expenses you can meet. So it all depends upon your affordability and mood to go abroad for pleasure.

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Official reasons of going abroad

As far as official reasons are concerned there is no choice of selecting a country to go there because wherever your business commitments require you to go, you would definitely go there because by all the reasons business really matters a lot. Also it depends upon the invitation from a country you receive to attend a conference, a meeting or a ceremony to attend with respect to your official or business commitments.

Why do you want to go abroad?

Usually people go abroad to achieve the following purposes

  • To make tour
  • To spend free time
  • To see famous places
  • To have fun
  • To attend an event
  • To meet with relatives
  • To get higher education
  • To do any official work
  • To do any work related to business
  • To do a job
  • To settle in a foreign country

In case of each of the purposes given above you have to select a country where you can achieve your purpose easily. For example if you want to go to a foreign country for a job then obviously you would go to a country where you have got a job or can get after reaching there. To attend an event you would go to a country where that event is taking place. To see famous places you would select a country where there are places which you think are quite famous. To get education you would select a country where you want to study because of its high standard of education and your ability to meet its expenses. To stay permanently in abroad you would pick a country where you can get immigration without any hurdle. Hence the choice of a country depends upon your purpose of going abroad.

When do you want to go abroad?

After selecting the country of your choice according to your purpose of going abroad the second most important point is to decide when you want to go. If there is a scheduled purpose like attending an event or commencing studies then there is no choice to decide. You just have to apply for the visa of that country well before time to avoid any delay. If there is a choice to decide the point of time to go abroad even in that case too you have to examine in how much time you would easily achieve your target of going abroad. In both the cases you have to initiate your visa application process well before time so that in case of any hurdle you may achieve the visa on time to reach your intended country as per your schedule.

Whom do you want to go abroad with?

Do you want to go alone or with family? It depends upon the purpose of your going overseas. If it’s your lone foreign trip then you have to follow single visa procedure of the country of your choice. In case you want to go with your family then you have to fill the combined visa application and have to submit certain additional documents showing your relationship with your family members. At the time of the visa interview too you have to appear before the visa interviewer along with your visa-seeking adult family members.

How do you want to go to a foreign country?

If the country where you have decided to go is adjacent with or near the border of your country then obviously you have choice to go there either by air or by road subject to the availability of the land route. If the country is far away from your home country then obviously your smart choice would be to go by air. In both the cases your ability to afford the transportation cost of the route also counts a lot because fare of the land routes are comparatively cheaper than the air routes all over the world.

After taking the above decisions now there are two important steps to take.

  • Submission of the visa application
  • Appearing for the visa interview

To get any type of the visa of a foreign country first you have to submit a visa application which you can get online from the website of that country or from its embassy or consulate situated in your home country. To submit an application for the visa of any type the basic requirement is your passport issued by the immigration authority of your home country. It is a sort of permission by your country to let you go abroad. There are also certain other requirements mentioned in the visa application form you must have to meet to qualify for the visa of the country of your choice.

Your Immigrant Visa Interview at the US Embassy: What Not to Forget.

After the submission of your visa application in the embassy of the foreign country of your choice you have to take the visa appointment to give the interview. In visa interview your interviewer usually assesses the genuineness of your purpose to go to his or her country. Also you may be required to produce documentary evidence of any of the information you have mentioned in your visa application. So don’t forget to take all the necessary documents with you for the visa interview.

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