Top 5 reasons of lack of creativity in filmmaking

Nowadays there is a distinct lack of creativity in filmmaking. Whether it’s Hollywood or Bollywood, at present times, all movies lack creativity. It is clearly visible and easy to spot. There are many reasons of lack of creativity in filmmaking nowadays. This article discusses its top causes. This post not only mentions the reasons but also   strongly recommends filmmakers, producers and directors to avoid them.

Here is the list of the top 5 reasons of lack of creativity in filmmaking:

1)Filmmakers focus  the sequels – Nowadays filmmakers tend to focus more on  producing sequels  of the movies that are super hit or become blockbusters. What filmmakers and directors do not understand is that some movies are just one-hit wonders.  They produce another episode of such movies but later on fail to make a big success.  It is common in both Hollywood and Bollywood.  Their sequels do not hit the headlines and bore the cine-goers. Generally, viewers want something new every time and they do not like to watch boring sequels.

2) Remaking old movies – Although remaking an old successful movie sometimes turns out to be a success and shake up the box office charts. But mostly it does nothing but reproduces a replica with better graphics or a better cinematography, sometimes with an addition of 3D effects. If such remakes do hit a huge success, it might because of the popularity of its original version.

3)  Controversies lead to a lack of creativity – Sometimes; two or more directors making a movie together get into a conflict.  It is not very rare. What happens eventually due to their internal conflicts? Movie loses its grip over the idea and fails to depict what earlier was planned.

4) Lack of funds Because of poor planning by the filmmaker and/or director, the issue of lack of funds is very common. What happens is that the funds initially calculated tend to be less than the required amount.  As a result all the creative ideas which were supposed to be implemented cannot be done so. They have to contain the whole project and obviously it brings on low quality. They have to compromise over their actual plans and to put aside several creative ideas.

5) Not enough focus from the filmmaker/director – A good movie has to have a filmmaker/director that is focused on the project and is ready to accept their responsibilities. If a filmmaker/director is not focused they cannot expect the actors and crew to be focused either.

These were the top 5 reasons of the lack of creativity in filmmaking nowadays. If the filmmakers/directors pay a little bit more attention and try to understand the viewers more accurately, these problems can be easily solved and they can produce more creative and interesting movies.

What are your thoughts on the lack of creativity in filmmaking nowadays? What are the causes and how can they be prevented? Please share your thoughts in comments below.

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