Top 5 qualities to become a film director

A person having a slighter tendency of art must once think to become a film director in the beginning of his/her career. Lucky are those who get opportunity to join a filmmaking institute or get an intern job in a film production house. If they really have aptitude of this field they rise to the world fame. Many other don’t have any good chance to join this fraternity and keep on struggling to be known as film director.

Here are the top 5 qualities to become a film director.

  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Planning
  • Implementing
  • Selling


A film director is called the captain of the ship. You can’t direct a film if you don’t have the leadership qualities. At the set of a film you have to be dominating to get the things done as you want. You should listen to the others viewpoint but the final decision must be yours. You have the charisma of influencing the people to make them do as you want. You have to extract the best performance from your staff. They may be actors, cinematographers, choreographers, makeup artists. Whoever they are you can’t get the things done from them with full performance unless you have the command over the art of the film direction.


Having creativity can be everybody’s niche but along with leadership it is so difficult to maintain. Leadership is purely a work of practical nature. In creativity you have to be aloof from the society to rise to the height of the creativity. Such people like loneliness. But in the field of film direction you have to be creative and simultaneously you have to be a good leader. It means you have to think in a crowd. That is damn difficult. A film director must have these two qualities at a time.


Film direction is a management science. You have to plan every step well before time. Even you have to plan to think and conceive an idea. Not kidding it really happens. You allocate one month’s time to think over and conceive an idea. After that you have to make its plan. So planning is another must quality a film director should have.


To make a plan is the job of a planner. A film director has not only to plan but also to implement it. If one person plan a project and another person implement it, chances of conflict are certain. It is the beauty of the filmmaking that planner has to implement the plan. Here film director has to make the basic plan. His or her assistants develop it into a comprehensive plan. After that with the help of his or her team that plan is implemented under the leadership of the film director. So quality of the properly implementing a plan is must to become a film director.


You can’t be successful if you just produce the good stuff. You have to be a good seller of your product. You being a film director have to lead the marketing team to sell your film to make it a big success. It is well said that success is the destiny of those who can sell. So selling is another important quality a film director must have to be successful in the field of the filmmaking.

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