Top 5 profitable business ideas for 2013

Earning money is very necessary. Whether you do this by a job or a business but you must earn money to spend a happy and luxurious life. It is well said by the wise people that those who smartly use their brain never remain poor. So the need is to first research what you possibly can do and after that you must make a plan to implement your idea. If you plan properly and execute it with perfection no one can stop you to become rich. Here are the top 5 profitable business ideas to help you make your dreams come true.

Food business

People feel hunger. This is one of the biggest realities of this world. Either it is a poor country or rich one everywhere people have to eat food to survive physically. Even if in times of war, chaos, noisy disturbance or during a huge natural calamity people never quit eating. They should do because they feel hunger. The only way to end your hunger is to eat food. So always keep this reality in your mind. It means whatever business you plan if it pertains to food industry you would hardly fail. The need is to correctly estimate the demand of the food product you are going to sell. Second need is to assess your expertise or your affordability to produce the best food product. After that you just have to showcase it either at small, medium or huge level to earn money. Don’t think it a flight of fancy. How the owner of KFC started his business. He started with a small outlet where he used to sell the fried chicken at a small level. He now has become a household name. It is not exception. There are thousands of such examples you can find in any business where a person started with a little amount and became a tycoon accordingly.


People have to wear dress. They can’t survive safely without it. Therefore, this is the second most essential product every person has to consume. So plan a business that relates to clothing. It can be a garments shop, towel shop, boutique, designer shop or wholesale of cloth and fabric. Here again you have to plan properly by evaluating the demand of the clothing product you are going to sell. Secondly you have to see your expertise in clothing; you must have previous experience in dealing with this business or you must have done job in textile or garments sector. Even if you did not do any work previously in the field of clothing you can get the knowledge through research over the internet and with direct surveying of people related to this business.


Future is the age of internet. It is rightly predicted that in years to come more than half of the entire business of the world would shift on internet. In this way ecommerce and all fields related to it would have never ending demand. Here again the need is to first learn any field of ecommerce, get expertise in it and start your own business. Blogging, web development, search engine optimization, content marketing, affiliate marketing, online sale or any other work related to it, would be always high paying unless an alternate of internet is introduced in the field of cyber technology. Since then you can earn money by entering in any field of the ecommerce.

Financial consultancy

The people who have lot of money they always need advisor to help them make their money more money-generating. For this they hire financial consultants who advise them how to earn money with less risk and high returns. Hence a business of financial consultancy will ever have demand till people are rich and are growing richer.

Entertainment Industry

People earn money, they eat food, they wear clothes and put their savings in rolling to earn more money. Is that enough in life? Is there no difference between human beings and animals? Obviously there is a lot of difference in them. People want to enjoy their life. For this they want entertainment. So any field of entertainment industry either it is filmmaking, dancing, acting, singing, anchoring, gaming or of any other type must pay you back smartly. But the need is to become expert in it. In this way people would pay you for being entertained. Otherwise you would be pining in obscurity.

So these are the top 5 profitable business ideas you can get benefit from them. Do you think there is any other big idea of profitable business? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

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3 thoughts on “Top 5 profitable business ideas for 2013

  1. I think that there are many opportunities to make money out there but during a period of economic hardship, like now, we have to be more inventive in coaxing people to spend their money! This may mean harder selling, lowering prices or changing what we do to adapt to demand.

    • @Rachel; you are right we must keep innovating things to earn more

  2. Of course, starting a business in these sectors is by no means a guarantee of success; nor can we be certain that these sectors will take off as forecasts and anecdotal evidence suggests. To succeed as a start-up, no matter what your specialism, you need the right business model, pricing, positioning, product or service, and a lot of hard work to stand a chance of success – and it’s crucial to thoroughly assess the viability of your idea before you take the plunge. ”

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