Top 10 tips for answering interview questions

Top 10 tips for answering interview questions will work if you follow them with full confidence. But keep in your mind this is not a key to success which you would just apply and the interviewer would be shaking hands with you while saying the most pleasant post-interview sentence “you are hired”. There are several other factors which make you to be successful in an interview but these top 10 tips for answering interview questions would support you win your job interview.

Research first

This tip is at the peak of the top 10 tips for answering interview questions. You should thoroughly research the company where you are going to give the interview. You research should not be limited to the information available over the website of the company. Search all about the company in news, analysis, reviews available on the internet because data on company website would be promotional in nature while information through other sources would give you information from all aspects; negative, positive both.

Practice perfectly

This is the second most important step in top 10 tips for answering interview questions. Practice does not mean simply to cram answers of the possible questions likely to be asked in the interview. You should make a comprehensive list of things to do including the work to do well before interview, just before interview and at the time of the interview. Work well before interview means making preparations to answer the interview questions and to get ready all your required documents and your dress for the interview. Work just before interview means what you would be wearing on that day, how you go to the interview place etc. Similarly work at the time of interview means how you should behave during the interview and how should be your body language.

Exact information of your past

It is better to say in 2007 instead of saying five years ago. You should know the exact information about your previous academic and service record to give an impression of your pride over your past. Secondly interviewer doesn’t like guesstimates particularly about your personals.

Truthfulness in claims

Whatever you claim to do – if you are hired – must be supportive of strong documentary evidences or at least you give its proof at the time of interview. Remember your interviewer is smarter than you because first he/she was interviewee like you and after a vast experience he/she rose to the level of the interviewer. So don’t underestimate his or her wisdom and remain truthful in your claims.

Clarity in thoughts

Your every word should support the thoughts you expressed in your resume and covering letter. Any contradiction or confusion in your thoughts would alert your interviewer about your vision to spend a practical life. So whatever you say in your resume or during the interview first you think about it and then speak.

Share the opinion

Don’t be so normal with the interviewer. Wherever you feel any of your opinion worthy of sharing, don’t hesitate to do so. In this way he/she would get to know your interactive approach in communication.

Take your time

It doesn’t mean take hours to reply but take a sizeable pause but not more than 30 seconds to reply a question and meanwhile put your answer in order to speak effectively.

Remain to the point

Concise answer is liked by all. Usually a long queue of interviewees waits outside the interview room and interviewers have the pressure to achieve the target of number of interviews of that day. So be helpful to your interviewers and apply brevity in your answers but not at the cost of necessary details.

Give examples

If you are asked to reply about any technical question be simple in the choice of words and give example to clear your point because all the interviewers don’t have that much expertise to understand your viewpoint with technical terms.

Don’t be over-smart

You have all the right to be smart and to be seen smart but any kind of exaggeration in describing yourself would be counterproductive and may deprive you a golden chance to win the job interview.

So these are the 10 tips for answering interview questions. You just have to follow them while making full preparation to be successful in your next interview.

Do you have any other tip apart from these top 10 tips for answering interview questions? I would love to read it in your comments below.

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