Top 10 filmmaking tips

Top 10 filmmaking tips can’t make you produce a blog buster movie. Had it been so people would have acquired specialty in every skill or trade by just visiting those sites which contain series of contents of ten or twenty tips on every skill; even to lay a golden egg daily…..but here our purpose is not to make you do this type of activity. Just to enhance your filmmaking skills or to polish it a little more here are 10 filmmaking tips following them you can make a more perfect film.

1. Big Idea

Great people talk about ideas so enter in this list. First think and talk about idea, discuss it you’re your confidantes. Don’t discuss it with everyone as you might lose it and maybe someday looking it on big screen produced by your competitor. So your idea must be great to work upon it and make a great film. Don’t take it as rhetoric; it’s a reality that foundation of every intellectual product is its idea so lay a strong foundation to move up and up.       

2. Awesome Screenplay

Filmmaking tips stress upon an awesome screenplay which should be converted into a great movie with less efforts, less expenses and more results. A screenplay should be written in an impressive way without any ambiguity that creates problems on its implementation. Please remember, so many people in crew have to implement the various segments of a screenplay; so make it very clear. Therefore, it must be easy to comprehend and can be conveniently implemented at every stage of movie-making. The dialogues in screenplay are the soul of a movie and add life into it.

3. Lighten your Film

Nothing can be seen in darkness while in imperfect lights white is seen as black because of the poor effects of lighting. So lights at every shoot of the film must be superb without any flaws or technical faults because results have no excuse and people rate your movie on what they see, not what they feel. So you must lighten your film in such a way which looks to people beautiful and make your movie sell more and more.

 4. Perfect Camerawork

You have to record every act of the screenplay of your movie because you have to show it as a whole on big screen. If your camerawork is perfect and records the shots with all latest techniques and guidelines your production would be superb and viewers would like it. It’s just like writing a good piece of content in good handwriting which would surely be read by more people.

5. Best sound recording

Ours is an age of talkies. Film viewers would not be contented over perfect scenes and excellent cinematography only. Without sound it would be like silent movie and with noisy or flawed sound it would be worse than that. So sound of your movie should be well recorded and without any noise or technical flaws.

6. Casting

Casting is just like giving life to the characters of your movie. Selecting right actor for a character is an art itself and only experienced filmmakers and directors know this art. If an actor does not make full justice with his or her character, the filmmaker has to pay its price by compromising his or her hard-produced movie in lower ranking. So casting is a very sensitive phase and one of the important steps that is always included in filmmaking tips.

7. Continuity

Filmmaking tips would remain incomplete if continuity is not included in them. Continuity means to take care of entire situation of the scene and to record it as it is in another scene of same set without any break in its continuity. For example if a character is sitting in drawing room and there are two decoration pieces over the side table so in second scene on same set they must be placed as they were in earlier scene to show the continuity of the scene.

8. Production design

It is another one of the most noteworthy filmmaking tips. You have to incorporate all the suggestions and proposals about set design, props, equipments, outdoor locations as these are given in screenplay to make it accurately in line with the instructions given in main script. The writer of the screenplay gives every detail of each scene after comprehending the basic idea of each situation and scene of the film.

9. Film editing

Film editing is just like showcasing your product after its production. We trim, clean and polish an item before putting it in showcase to sell it. Same is the case with filmmaking where after its make you have to do its editing with good-quality editing software and latest tools to infuse new spirit in it and make it a perfect piece of the digital art.

10. Shoot management

This is called overall management of the entire filmmaking process from zero to hero. Organizing its every activity and developing its each plan to implement it without any difficulty or interruption to make a big success. It is one of the most important filmmaking tips.

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