Top 100 blogging niche for all times

The most heated debate on blogosphere is about selection of niche. The widely accepted opinion about it is that you must select a niche which you like the most, you must have knowledge about it and it must have commercial value. Here confusion arises if a person has much interest in a niche and also has sufficient knowledge but it has no commercial value. In that case what to do. To solve this problem here are 100 niche of all times but you have to select one from the list which is really your favorite and must have some sales value to make your earn few bugs. If you find one or two without any attraction for advertisers you have a lot of other choices that may be your less favorite but has some commercial value. In this case you can grow your interest in it because money matters a lot for all of us.


1. Stock trading

2. Mutual funds investment

3. Insurance

4. Investment in bonds

5. Lottery tickets

6. Personal finance

7. Business finance

8. Banking products

9. Islamic finance

10. Foreign exchange trading

11. Auto and auto finance


12. money making

13. Online jobs

14. Money blogging

15. Earning through social media

16. Part-time earnings

17. Online brokerage

18. Online consultancy

19. Ecommerce/Online shopping

20. Online product sales

21. Online service providers


22. Blogging tips

23. Blogging templates

24 Freelance blogging

25. Blogging widgets

26. Blog monetization


27. Social Media

28. Web designing

29. Web hosting

30. Affiliate marketing

31. Content marketing

32. Cellular technology

33. Computer technology


34. Job boards

35. Job interview

36. Job promotion

37. Job courses

38. Job applications


39. Sports news

40. Political news

41. Business news

42. Showbiz news

43. Green news

44. Tech news


45. Filmmaking

46. TV Reviews

47. Podcast

48. Celebrities

49. Theatre

50. Entertainment


51. Stock broker

52. Realtors

53. Visa Counselor

54. Education Advisor

55. Marriage Counselor


56. Online Courses

57. Online Tuition

58. Online Prospectus

59. Online Trainings

60. Online Notes


61. Mother Care

62. Child Care

63. Kids grooming

64. Fitness

65. Medicare

66. Hair care

67. Skin care

68. Ear Nose Throat

69. Health Precautions

70. Pregnancy & birth

71. Eastern medicines


72. Gardening

73. Recycling

74. Pets

75. Interior designing

76. Home appliances

77. Home care

78. Housing finance


79. Environmental care

80. Pollution control

81. Going green

82. Climate change

83. Green Energy

84. Green living

85. Green business

86. Green ideas

87. Environmental awareness

88. Days of environmental significance

89. All types of farming (dairy, fish, and honey-bee)


90. Fun & Enjoy

91. Marriage & Matchmaking

92. Wedding Planner


93. Tourism

94. Hotels

95. Beaches

96. Food

97. Cultures and Cultural gifts


98. Beauty and fitness tips

99. Photography

100. Fashion Wear

So how did you find the above list? Did I exaggerated it or did full justice. Do you still think I left some important blogging niche? I would love to read your views in comments section given below.

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