Thought Leadership Definition


Thought leadership definition tells us that the way of setting trends and bringing changes in a specific sector or industry thrum perception management of all key players is called thought leadership. It is usually not an individual but a group of think tank or creative people who through publications and media influence the norms and patterns of an industry or group. Its aim is to lead the people mentally and keep altering their viewpoint about a certain issue.

Example of though leadership

Let’s understand the thought leadership definition through an example. In fashion industry such type of leadership dominates its whole scenario and offers wide variety of innovation and modifications to avoid stereotyped designs. Mostly a key magazine acts as a trend setter and is considered thought leader. It neither dictates nor gives its viewpoint but very skillfully justify the entry of new trends and strengthen their stay there.

A magazine is thought leader

Under thought leadership definition the term of though leader was first introduced by Joel Kurtzman, chief editor of a famous business magazine “Strategy and Business” in 1994. This magazine’s key aim was to familiarize its readers on new techniques of business and innovation in commercial transactions and deals. It used to publish interviews of business icons to let readers know how they brought on changes in operations of their business and wrote success stories for others to follow the suit.

Thought leadership in film industry

Another practical example to understand the though leadership definition is film industry. It is the second most significant sector which quickly takes effects from thought leaders. There are several newspapers and magazines all around the world which exclusively cover the film industry and highlight the efforts made by producers and directors to bring changes in techniques, cinematography and subjects of a movie. Blockbuster Titanic’s huge budget was the key factor of its success. It was justified by the thought leaders that high budget can be a good tool to ensure success of a movie if it does not have so impressive story like the Titanic had.

Blogger media as thought leader

In today’s world blogger media has itself changed the pattern of thought leadership and altered the thought leadership definition. Now the knowledge is the sole criteria to affect any operational procedures of any industry. For example if one is knowledgeable in fish farming then he or she can develop a huge portal about fish framing informing and making aware people on skills, profitability, related issues and growth prospects of fish farming. All the fish farmers of the whole world would get lot of input from there and develop the industry of fish farming according to guidance provided in that portal.

Community leader is a thought leader

Thought leadership definition says that the community leaders are also called thought leaders. They influence the communities to arouse their interest in certain positive activities like income generation, cleanliness, vaccination, family planning etc. It is said that religious leaders also fall in this category. They through their revered position convince their followers to adopt right way for the good of humanity. Geniuses in any field are also treated same and its example is experts in foreign relations, nuclear technology, regional politics and modern economic theories. They are not several and that’s why each of them can affect the thought process of all concerned persons related to the referred fields.

Aim of thought leadership

According to the thought leadership definition, the aim of the thought leadership is to guide the thoughts of the people. Therefore, a though leader may not be necessarily a person. Web and electronic media, magazines, newspapers can also do this job to achieve its very objective.

Do you think any other element may also be a thought leader to guide and influence the thought of the people? Please share your comments below.

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