The Job Interview

The job interview is the main segment of a process of selecting right candidate for the job through competitive evaluation and assessment of qualification and experience of all candidates. It may comprise of simply one-time interview or be divided into preliminary, technical and final interview but the purpose of all of them is to pick the best one from better lot.

To initiate the process of job interview, first of all advertisements are issued in widely circulated newspapers and hugely hit websites inviting applications from the candidates having required qualification and experience for the advertised job. A deadline is set for the receipt of resume after that no application is entertained.

Thereafter, all the received applications are scrutinized and CVs with complete information and attachments are shortlisted. All such candidates who submitted complete CVs and testimonials are informed about the acceptance of their application and a schedule of interview is forwarded to all of them describing date, time, and venue of the interview. They are also asked to bring documents and testimonial which they feel necessary to show to their interviewers.

For taking interview of candidates for any job, usually employer makes a panel of interviewers hailing from difference educational and professional backgrounds but preferably within the organization. Smaller organizations or those which have less number of experts usually assign any human resource consultant to do their required hiring on payment of fee.

Before one day of interview, high-profile organizations get confirmation from the selected candidates of their coming just and in another way remind them of their interview. They are also told about any change in interview schedule, if it happens, or some other subsidiary details including exact location of the interview place. Usually candidates already get to know the correct address of the interview venue well before time most particularly in societies where unemployment rate is high and for one job several candidates compete with each other.

Before interview, an office assistant check the interview room, its air condition, stationery for interviewers, availability of water in waiting room for the candidates and reception desk to receive and guide the candidates. A list of candidates, if necessary, is freshly pasted at the entrance of interview place just to let them know the order of their interview.

During the interview, human resource assistant guides the candidates and coordinates with interviewers to send every candidate at his or her right turn. When a candidate comes back after interviewing, he or she is also guided when to contact for next stage of the recruitment process.

It ups to nature of the job whether it is filled just after one interview of the candidates or one or two more interviews are conducted to select the best of them. Sometimes owing to high level of competition, interviewers have to conduct second interview of few shortlisted candidates.

After the process of interview, rankings and comments given by all interviewers are added and an average is calculated to select the candidate for appointment. However, performance in interview is not the sole criteria of selection, qualification, experience, attitude and other personality traits also count a lot to assign overall rank to each candidate.

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