The easiest formula of success is hard work

I am not kidding. If you think so then I don’t have any choice other than just kidding with you. Stop being befooled by any fascinating formula of success that falsely claims to make you billionaire in 30 days. For God sake don’t come in this booby trap that has defamed the entire marketing world. Now even genuine products are looked with doubt just because of the thousands of incidents of scams and frauds in money making ventures. Just look around you and around the entire history you will hardly find a single person who became rich in months or even in years. It took at least a decade for a person to become a millionaire or billionaire. So the first reality you have to admit is that there is really no shortcut to success. So come on let’s explore the long way to success and this is the real formula of success. I am sorry I can’t please you by writing a post that promises to make you rich in 30 days. It is almost impossible. Exceptions are there like lottery, prize bond or jackpot but normally you can never become rich without hard work.

Let’s start hard work from today

I don’t mean to say you are not hard worker. But there are no criteria to set a level for hard work. While working you must be thinking to do more and more work and that becomes hard work.

What is hard work?

If you do any work more than others in your field do, it means you are not doing normally. The amount of work done more than generally accepted level is called hard work.

Hard work awhile

There is no value of doing hard work for sometimes and after that keep sitting idle or doing less work. There must be consistency in it. Regularity, punctuality and the same amount of work if you do daily then you may call it a formula of success else it can be just a self deception.

How long?

If you don’t have any interest in your profession or work you are doing nothing but wasting your time. Howsoever hard work you do you will never enjoy it. It means you are just swallowing the bitter pill to recover from an illness. Mind it please if you don’t have interest in your work leave it and sit idle. It is better than doing it half-heartedly. Understand? That is why you might have heard several people complaining of failure despite doing lot of struggle and toiling. They are the unlucky people who opted for a work they don’t have any interest in it.

Hard work without passion

It is just like life without soul, computer without hard disk or music without sound. If you have passion you will not just search a formula of success to achieve your goal. You would be enjoying in your work if you have passion for it and will never think about when you will be succeeding in it. So just stick to the work that you love and you have huge passion for it. Sooner or later success will kiss your feet and you need not to find a formula of success.

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