Thank you note after job interview

Thank you note after job interview

A typical example of thank you note after job interview is given below which is simply an example and its body text may be written according to the situation.

It should be written in following format:

Your Name

Your Address

Your City, State, Zip Code

Your Phone Number

Your Email






City, State, Zip Code


Dear Mr/Ms Last Name:

In the first paragraph of the thank you note after job interview you should thank the interviewer for sparing time to meet you. Don’t stress too much about the impression you took after meeting the interviewer nor try to declare it a memorable meet. Just in a humble and polite language offer the interviewer lot of thanks for taking time for meeting you. Also in the end of first paragraph you may express high hope on the outcome of your meeting with the interview showing firm belief that whatever is going to happen would be the best for all.

In the second paragraph of the thank you letter you have to justify with strong arguments that you are one of the strongest candidates for the job. Never repeat your claim nor put your own opinion about yourself. Just give arguments with reference to your previous professional achievements and academic records that you are the hot candidate for the job you have applied for. The tone of your language should not be full of claims with phrases like: “I can assure you”, “I am fully confident” or “I am pretty much sure”. You should describe your skills and plus points very skillfully and nowhere in your words someone feel any kind of boasting or exaggeration.

The third paragraph is usually optional where you mention any type of omission by you and you would like it to bring to the notice of your employer. Its example is that you may have forgotten to enclose copy of an important educational certificate or do not have that certificate and soon would get it issued and submit to the interviewer office. The main reason to inform the employer about something missing is to avoid any embarrassment in future if employer at once demands production of such important document.

In the last paragraph you must be optimist enough to firmly believe in further process of your case to select you for your desired job. Appreciate the generosity of the employer at the time of interview when you were fully entertained by the staff of the employer and express hope that in future you would be selected for the job and assure the interviewer that your performance would not let them down in any case. But while narrating this one should not feel you are making any flattery or stressing your interviewer to appoint you. The last paragraph must be pleasant enough in thoughts and expression that its reader must have good impression of its writer and at least once think to consider the candidature of the writer for the post he or she is seeking a right candidate.




Your Signature


Your Typed Name

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  1. Good advice, Heather. When you’re job-hunting, you dfteniiely need to ace the interview.1. Match your accessories to the corporate personality. Specifically, elaborate nails may give the impression that you don’t spend a lot of time at the keyboard, noisy jewelry may detract from your answers, and expensive jewelry may give the impression that your salary requirements will be on the high side.2. Don’t chew gum.3. If you’re seated in the room when the interviewer walks in, stand up to introduce yourself. Have a strong handshake. Smile.4. Work your research into your answers. I read on your website that you or The paper reported that the company is , what did you think of that article? 5. Questions should focus on the job, not the benefits. I like Please tell me what happened to the last three people who held this position because you learn whether this position is a love em and leave em one or one where people get promoted. Also, Where do projects come from?, What was one of the most interesting projects you’ve worked on recently?, What are you excited about working on next? As an applicant, I’ve told many an interviewer that I’m interviewing them just as much as they’re interviewing me. When they ask if I have any questions, I pull out a written list. Never fails to impress.Can’t wait to read others’ suggestions too.


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