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Telephone interview questions can not be predicted in definite terms because for every post these may vary in contents and nature. If such questions are asked to hire a suitable candidate for the post of marketing these questions would be quite different than those of asked to recruit somebody for the post of production manager. But one thing is clear in all types of such questions that you take advantage of hiding your facial expressions while replying on telephone and disadvantage of being unaware of facial expression of your interviewer and would be unable to assess how he or she is thinking about you.

Why telephone interview

Telephone interview is usually conducted when you being candidate for a certain post reside in a remote area as compare to the location of the company and it does not want to pay you any travelling allowance to appear in-person for the interview. Therefore, initially company decides to shortlist the number of candidates to call them later on for in-person interview after trimming their number through telephone job interview.
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Moreover, sometimes company management feels it wastage of time to call a large number of candidates and make a strict merit list of candidates according to their experience and qualification through quite difficult job interview questions on telephone. Thereafter it comfortably conducts the interview of shortlisted candidates and selects the best one among them.
We can divide the telephone interview questions into three broad categories.

Personal questions

In personal questions the interview asks you on telephone about yourself, your residence, your age, hobbies, ambitions etc. Here you have to be so specific and give more focus on words and sound expression because of your inability to show your hand movement, body language and facial expressions while replying on phone. However, you can be emphatic while making claims about your personal traits and can take full advantage of voice expressions and you don’t have to carry your personal appearance while replying on phone.

Academic questions

You are asked about your educational background your interesting subjects. Your mastery in your subjects of interest is assessed and while replying academic questions on telephone you just have to be perfectly accurate because your interviewer may note down your replies and if the same contradicts with your answers at the time of in-person interview then it may put bad impression on your interviewer. Therefore, it is advisable to refer relevant documents while replying academic questions on phone to avoid any chance of omission or error regarding marks obtained, rank held and year of passing etc.

Professional questions

Professional questions through telephone job interview are about your previous job experience and your tendency to do a specific job apart from your updated knowledge about the area of your expertise. While replying such questions too you have to be so accurate with respect to your previous experience and avoid making mistakes while telling your interviewer when and why did you leave a job or what was the reason of your layoff from your previous job. Similarly showing your professional acumen you have to be confident enough to reply such questions fully avoiding the tag phrases like I guess, I observe or I think etc. For more detail click here

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