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How to build your niche website?

So you have selected your niche topic. Great. Did you follow all the guidelines which we discussed in the previous tutorial? Obviously you must have done so. But I would say you should again review your decision. Once you select your niche and move on it is not easy to get back. Why? It is because you also register you domain according to your niche. If you select insurance claims as your niche then obviously you would select a domain related to it. Definitely you will not choose a domain like how-to-make-money for that. What is domain? Just wait, below …Read more »

Have a baby or a niche website

Have a baby or a niche website Obviously both of them have nothing in common. One is a living being other one is simply a website. Howsoever lively you can make your niche website but you can’t make it a living being. One makes you happy and the other one – the website – makes you toil hard first then get it grow and earn through it. You baby grows by itself naturally but to grow your website you have to push it. Then why I am comparing the both? Both need your care Yap the love, care and affection …Read more »

What is a hot niche?

What is a hot niche? There are many hot niches. But mind it they keep on changing. It all depends upon the demand factor. What is demand factor? It means what people are searching. What they want to buy. What type of food they want to eat? Which variety of clothes they want to wear. So out of entire demands of net users you have to sort out all such demands which they prefer to shop through internet. Obviously they won’t buy grocery online all the time. There are established rules to buy food and clothes in every part of …Read more »

Planning a niche website?

Planning a niche website? Trust me on this one, Take your time mate. You can never become a successful niche blogger without a plan. In this type of blogging a slight mistake can spoil your entire scheme of things. Most of the people start a niche blog with a lot of fanfare but ultimately they convert it into an authority blog. Some people in frenzy kick off a series of niche websites just to earn lot of bucks in piecemeal. They after sometime silently merge all of them into one site just to concentrate their efforts for the ultimate success. …Read more »

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