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Definition of office management

The definition of office management is the method of looking after and keeping the staff, equipment, and office safe and secure. This is one of the most general forms of management as offices and professions which include them all around the world are found almost everywhere. Offices are the most common workplaces in the 21st century as they have information about varying things from databases to research and censuses and agreement forms and licences. The variations of office work are a great many in number and all offices and office managers utilise the different sections of the office for their …Read more »

Definition of media management

Definition of media management is very simple. It describes the ways and means to manage the media. How to manage the media? It is a right question. But wait; first I would ask you, what is media? This is more important to learn the first two following questions and then discuss the definition of media management: What is media? Why to manage the media? How to manage the media?   What is media? All channels of communication are called media. If you paint a picture so here painting is your media. If you make a sculpture to express your feelings, …Read more »

Definition of natural resource management

Before discussing the definition of natural resource management first we have to define the natural resources. Everything bestowed to us by the nature in its pure form is called natural resource. For example air, water, land, mountain, lake, valleys, deserts, seas, oceans, rivers etc. When we altered them for our convenience we actually hit the nature. Apparently we reap the benefits of the alteration but actually we harm the nature. We explode the mountains to level the land and construct a road on it. We divert the flowing water just to do farming on land. We erect bridges over the …Read more »

Definition of personnel management

The definition of personnel management is; the control or management of a workforce or employees within an organisation and keeping their satisfaction levels maintained as well as ensuring that personnel are fully able to comply with orders given. Personnel management is a form of responsibility where the management of people as well as employees, specialists etc. are maintained and their levels of satisfaction are met. Personnel managers counsel, convey, and apply specific personnel policies such as recruitment, the conditions of employment, performance appraisals, training, etc.

Definition of human resource management

The definition of Human Resource Management (HRM) is the task within an organisation that focuses on the recruitment, management, and direction for the people who work in the organisation. Human Resource Management can also be performed by line managers, company managers and CEO’s etc. Human Resource Management will naturally also serve as the company’s primary connection with the employees’ representative which is usually a workers union. Human Resource Management is an organisational role which deals with issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, routine management, organisation development, safety, wellbeing, benefits, staff inspiration, communication, administration, training etc. Human Resource Management is …Read more »

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