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Democratic Leadership Qualities

Democratic leadership qualities are in addition to common leadership traits. Most of them lie in the nature of a democratic leader and remain part of his or her attitude. It is generally believed that it is so easy to make people listen while listening to others is a dam difficult task. This becomes more challenging when you are quite a smart speaker as we know that most of the leaders win the hearts of masses by mostly their oratory. It is widely known that no one can dominate the leader if he or she is a real one. A true …Read more »

Student Leadership

There are various concepts of student leadership but for the sake of clarity we can divide this type of the leadership into two further categories. One is formal and the other one is informal student leadership. Formal student leadership This type of the student leadership actually works in educational institutions and educated related bodies of advanced countries. Applications are invited to appoint a student leader. He or she has to represent the student community in decision-making body of the government, local council or any non-governmental organization. Applications of those students are considered who holds required skills of the leadership and …Read more »

Group Leadership

US Congress Committee is the typical example of group leadership where instead of an individual like US Secretary of State, a group of foreign relation experts oversees the foreign affairs of America and gives advice and suggestions on how to manage the foreign relations upholding the national interests with no compromise over the country’s sovereignty and integrity. Group leadership in the world As a matter of fact every country applies the style of group leadership in its day to day affairs. It is ideal to manage the sectors of purely technical nature like economics, foreign affairs, science and technology, internal …Read more »

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