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Leader or manager; who is the best?

Leader or manager; who is the best? This has been a common debate since the introduction of the managerial science. During previous two decades the concept of administration has entirely changed. Now it has become human resource management.  Earlier each manager was treated a leader. But now a leader is usually a manager. But it is not necessary that a manager must be a leader. Now it is heated debate if a boss of the company is a leader or simply a manager. Most of the arguments on the subject imply as if manager is something superior to a leader …Read more »

Leader is Born Not Made

Leader is not a sort of super human being who can turn the whole scenario by the dint of his or her charismatic qualities for the good of the humanity. Nor is he or she is superior to other human beings in fundamental qualities given by the nature like wisdom, will power, judgement power etc. The most prominent quality he or she has is to take the right decision at the right time and implement it without any kind of faltering. It means just like other people who perform important responsibilities in their lives a leader leads the people towards a destination …Read more »

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