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Top 5 qualities to become a film director

A person having a slighter tendency of art must once think to become a film director in the beginning of his/her career. Lucky are those who get opportunity to join a filmmaking institute or get an intern job in a film production house. If they really have aptitude of this field they rise to the world fame. Many other don’t have any good chance to join this fraternity and keep on struggling to be known as film director. Here are the top 5 qualities to become a film director. Leadership Creativity Planning Implementing Selling

How to write script of film

The art of filmmaking is gaining interest around the world every day and so are directors, writers, script writers and filmmakers. Everyone wants to enter the occupation of filmmaking in any way one of which is to become a script writer. A scriptwriter is one who writes the screenplay and storyline of a movie. There are often more than one writers and are also highly paid. Although there is much effort to put in the scripts a writer creates, the product of that is also huge indeed. There are many institutes that train an individual to write scripts with innovative …Read more »

Top 5 reasons of lack of creativity in filmmaking

Nowadays there is a distinct lack of creativity in filmmaking. Whether it’s Hollywood or Bollywood, at present times, all movies lack creativity. It is clearly visible and easy to spot. There are many reasons of lack of creativity in filmmaking nowadays. This article discusses its top causes. This post not only mentions the reasons but also   strongly recommends filmmakers, producers and directors to avoid them. Here is the list of the top 5 reasons of lack of creativity in filmmaking: 1)Filmmakers focus  the sequels – Nowadays filmmakers tend to focus more on  producing sequels  of the movies that are super hit or become blockbusters. What filmmakers and directors do not understand is that some movies are just one-hit wonders. 

Short Film Ideas

Short film ideas are always big ideas because in a short span of time a story with clear and magnanimous theme is to be fully communicated to viewers in few words. “Average people talk about plans and great people talk about ideas” is a famous saying which shows the worth of thoughts first and action later. It is widely acclaimed that idea of anything either it is product, service, project, venture, website, movie, drama or something else must be saleable. Here saleable doesn’t mean worthy of sale but worthy of huge applause because if it does not hit its target …Read more »

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