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Overcoming fear of conflict

Overcoming fear of conflict is necessary if one has to understand the correct concept of the conflict. Are you afraid of getting into brawl with someone? You feel disputing so bad. You take it as a sort of fight. Above all do you think differing with someone is a negative act? If you thinking on these lines given above then remember you will never succeed in overcoming fear of conflict. Either it is likely to happen in your home, in your residential area, in your office or in a place where you have to go and stay awhile. Off course …Read more »

Conflict management in a family

Reasons of conflict in a family Conflict management is not only a practice of workplaces; in fact you need to follow steps for managing conflicts at home and among families too. Usually conflicts arise when people enter into combined families. Like in most of the families, the concept of joint family system is common, so in such homes, conflicts occur because of merging personalities. Further more, family conflicts occur when step parent of one or more children enters in to the home. There are times when you used to live alone and now you have to accustom to new environment …Read more »

How to manage a war conflict?

Introduction to conflict management A war conflict is a common practice of every organization. As you know there are different calibers of individuals working in an organization and most of them hold their distinct point of view which brings conflicts. Most of the time conflicts arise during decision making or when strategies are formed. Well supervisors and colleagues are important part of an organization that is essential for every day working. Finding conflicts at work place can make your life miserable, if you are not aware on how to manage a war conflict. Ways of finding info about conflict management …Read more »

How to Resolve Conflict

How to resolve conflict? It is most-asked question whenever a dispute arises in an organization or in a group. But why do conflict managers tell us of its exact answer. It is the gist of their education and experience which makes them to manage a conflict in a professional manner. Therefore, one cannot expect from them to train us for the skill of their livelihood and one has to rely on the research and the contents like this if one has to learn how to resolve conflict. There are three phases in conflict management which must be kept in mind …Read more »

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