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New trends in community leadership

Earlier someone has to toil a lot to become a community leader. For this purpose he had to spend a lot of time to serve the community. Mostly such positions were acquired in the past by active civil society members. They were from non-governmental organizations and community based organizations. A social leader was accepted as community guide simultaneously. The main criterion to select him was his previous services to the community. Everything has changed However, after the advent of a vibrant electronic and social media now community leadership has become quite challenging because now it is not done just on …Read more »

Role of community leadership in society

Community leadership is something that has a significant importance in every society. Every society, whether small or large, needs a leader and a role model-someone who they look up to and believe in. A community leader should have many essential qualities in themselves the most important of which is leadership and honesty. A good community leader should be a born leader, honest, supportive and loyal to his/her supporters so that the community members who look up to the leader can be proud to follow him/her. A society or community without a leader is a place where mess takes place, no …Read more »

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