Student Leadership

There are various concepts of student leadership but for the sake of clarity we can divide this type of the leadership into two further categories. One is formal and the other one is informal student leadership.

Formal student leadership

This type of the student leadership actually works in educational institutions and educated related bodies of advanced countries. Applications are invited to appoint a student leader. He or she has to represent the student community in decision-making body of the government, local council or any non-governmental organization. Applications of those students are considered who holds required skills of the leadership and knowledge about the issues of the student community.

Such types of the student leaders mostly don’t have any charismatic qualities nor do they have any huge number of followings. They are just appointed by the management to help them serve the interests of the students of certain area or an educational institution. We can also call them students managers who manage the affairs and serve the interests of the students.

Informal student leadership

History is replete with such types of student leadership which left indelible footprints on the political and social history of the world. Most of such student leaders eventually became political leaders and rose to the top slots of the governments of the various countries. Most of the revolutions in the world were spurred by the students who were led by one of their fellows as their beloved leader. Either it is Russian or Chinese revolutions or French revolution students communities played catalyst role to make them happen. Even most the national level leaders of these countries after the revolution hailed from students politics and earned lot of fame all over the world.

Who is unaware of Lenin the symbol of the student leadership who was ousted from the Moscow University on charges of his revolutionary ideas? Later on he with his fellows brought the communist revolution in Russia and made his country to stay at global horizon as second super power for almost a century. Similarly Mao Zedong of China was also a famous student leader and later on brought red revolution in China. His country still holds sway at the helm of the world affairs and no country can afford to ignore China factor while doing global politics.

Who can become a student leader?

Just like leaders, student leaders are also not made but born. It means student leadership is not everyone’s cup of tea. One can’t plan to become a student leader. It is God-gifted quality. Those who have such qualities prove it during their student life and mostly excel in practical life because of being a student leader in their past.

In eastern countries student politics revolve around student leaders. Student leaders are followed devotedly by the people. In relatively backward countries students as a whole face lot of problems related to teaching, financing, boarding etc. They come out for the solution of their serious problems. On such occasions student leaders lead the student rallies and get prominence in the outside world.

However, in western countries the concept of the student leadership is quite cool. Here such leaders are appointed by the management of the educational institutions with the task of let them know the problems and issues of the students to help management resolve them.

Are you a student leader; or ever been in your student life? Please share your thoughts on what an ideal student leader should be?

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