Role of decision making in your success

importance of decision makingThe right decision at the right time is a key to success. To achieve this key you need not to do any professional course. Nor you have to research how to make the best possible decision at the most perfect time. It is a habit which you must develop before starting your struggle. During your hard work you won’t have a chance to develop this habit and you might face a failure at the end of your journey.

Did you see around you many people do the same amount of hard work but some of them become very successful and some other just make their ends meet? You might also heard about a guy in your circle who is very hard worker but not very much lucky. This is the deception we proudly embrace just to overlook a bitter reality. Your right action hones your luck and bad one spoils it. Who spoils your luck? The people who miss the golden chance by not making a right decision at the right time actually spoil their luck. This shows the significance of the role of decision making in your success.

Remain alert

The goddess of luck will not stay at your door. She will just knock once. Now it ups to you how quickly you open the door to let her come in. This should be the spirit of your struggle. You must remain alert during your whole struggle. Wherever you see an opportunity you just have to examine it rapidly and then grab it quickly if it really benefits you. If you take quite a long time to thoroughly review it so you may lose it for your competitor.

You skip your competitor gains

If you fail to take a right decision at the right time it doesn’t mean that no one will avail that chance. There is a lengthy queue of your competitors that is ready to grab it. It means by missing a chance you support your competitor to beat you easily. Isn’t it height of stupidity that instead of strengthening yourself you are just supporting your competitor?

No mistake at the mid of struggle

During the initial phase of your struggle you can make a wrong decision because you don’t need much time to roll it back if it is wrong. However during the mid of your struggle or when you are near your destination if you make a wrong decision it means you have to suffer a lot. Your pace of struggle will be fully disturbed by your mistake during that stage. Moreover you not only have to rectify your wrong decision but also to make a right decision. Simultaneously you have to do two tasks with extra burden of one.

Above points show the role of decision making in your success. You just need to be alert and fully prepared to face any kind of dilemma during your struggle. Similarly your morale should be high enough to face the odds without any sinking feeling. For every action you have to make a decision and you must be well equipped to do this smartly at the most appropriate time.

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