Role of community leadership in society

Community leadership is something that has a significant importance in every society. Every society, whether small or large, needs a leader and a role model-someone who they look up to and believe in. A community leader should have many essential qualities in themselves the most important of which is leadership and honesty. A good community leader should be a born leader, honest, supportive and loyal to his/her supporters so that the community members who look up to the leader can be proud to follow him/her.

A society or community without a leader is a place where mess takes place, no one is socially secure and where there isn’t a clear definition of justice. It is a place where evil runs wild, the innocent are punished and the guilty is served no justice. That is where the role of the community leadership comes into play. The community leader has to deal with all the problems of the community members, serve justice to the guilty, and reward the deserving. A community leader is someone who frightens the evil-doers and spreads smiles across the faces of the innocent.

The idea of community leadership has been implemented since a very long time. From the time of the early humans to date, there have been people living in a group or society. And to maintain peace and harmony inside a society and between two or more societies in the same area, a community leader is named. Whenever there would be a problem among society members, the community leader would attend to the problem and whatever solution they proposed is accepted by all. No one ever questions the decisions of community leaders in any society due to respect, and also fear-unless a rebellion forms to dethrone the leader. The community leaders also have to attend to inter-society problems where all the leaders from the communities involved would meet each other and negotiate.

In present times, an example of community leadership, except the idea being implemented in small communities, villages and colonies, is a country’s president. The sole idea of having a single person with decisive powers for a whole country has originated from the millenniums old idea of a community leader. The only differences are that the size of the community has increased and there are also some smaller power icons assisting the president.

The importance of community leadership in a society is tremendous and so are the roles and jobs of the community leader. The main role of a community leader in a society is to maintain order and decorum in the society and to prevent internal and external tussles and to solve them if any. A community leader also has other key roles like the responsibility of the society’s development, exposure to the outside world, the protection of their society from rivals, and to always boost the morale of their society members. What do you think is the significance of a community leader in society? And in your mind, what is the role of community leadership in society?

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