Rising trend of sexual harassment at workplace

Rising trend of sexual harassment at workplace has become a matter of grave concern for organizational behavior experts. Though this maltreatment to women folk is common in every sector of the society but its harms at workplace are more severe. It retards the productivity of the victim of this criminal offence and as a result overall workplace performance also suffers.

What is sexual harassment at workplace?

If a worker especially woman worker has to face an indecent attitude from her colleague or boss with any physical, oral or visual act which disturbs the woman to perform normally is called sexual harassment at workplace. Its intensity depends upon the overall environment of the workplace. In lower level departments of the backward countries woman workers have to face such attitude that may sometimes lead to violence and torture. But its presence either little or huge is not only sheer violation of the human rights but it is also against the norms of the workplace.

Punishment for sexual harassment at workplace

Every country has laws to control sexual harassment at workplace. But its perpetrators do it so shrewdly to make it difficult to be proved as guilt. Secondly it is not confined to physical abuse. Sometimes a woman worker feels equally harassed if someone orally or visually tries to harass her with any vulgar comments or looks. However, under the law evidence is necessary to prove the guilt. People don’t watch such mean acts or they do so but usually ignore it just to avoid becoming witness of this offence. Therefore, most of the woman workers try to avoid it unless someone tries to harass them physically.

How to control sexual harassment at workplace

The main hurdle for the implementation of the law to control sexual harassment at workplace is the silent spectators. They are all those workers who watch a woman being sexually harassed at the workplace but ignore it with the premise they should not meddle into someone’s privacy. Unless woman shouts for help people take it as a mutually agreed act. This is the main hurdle.

  • Government should make the implementation of the concerned laws stricter to control sexual harassment at workplace
  • Spectators should change their attitude regarding this misdeed and offer evidence as witness to punish its perpetrators
  • Community should talk openly over this issue and condemn this act wherever it is reported
  • Young girls should be trained and made aware on how to combat someone’s attitude aiming to sexually harass them
  • Courts should accept the possible evidence to punish the culprit if it is sound enough to prove the guilt
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