Please tell me how to make money, asks a money-blogger

It’s not a joke. Most of the newbie bloggers pick their niche how to make money just to see its strong appeal to the readers. They assume whatever they would write about making money a huge lot of internet users would grab their contents. The readers would be happy to read the contents and be impressed by their money-making advices. But after sometime when they get hardly a few visitors that too from their friends and family. They get desperate. They don’t have traffic and eventually don’t earn any money. In frustration they start asking to others how to make money through blogging. This can be joke but with a lot of lessons for us. This is a great lesson for all the newbie bloggers.

From the above example we come to know that how to make money is a great niche but for those who have knowledge and skills to not only earn money through this niche but also to advise others on it. How come one knows that “how to make money� is his/her perfect niche. For that you have to review your previous life. Are you a business minded person? Do you have ability to judge your every action on the basis of profit and loss? If it is so then how to make money can be your niche but there are also certain other requirements you must fulfill before selecting it as your niche.

Firstly must you have all the knowledge on the ways and means for how to make money. You must have in-depth knowledge of internet marketing. You must know how affiliates work; you have sound understanding of Google Adsense and all its other counterparts. It is well said by the marketing pros that if you know how to sell then how to make money is not a big question for you.

If you are not confident to make money through blogging never select this topic as your niche. Nor you can select it on experiment basis. Mind it nothing can be done in niche blogging on experimental basis. Either you have to succeed or you have to fail. There is no way in between them. Therefore, instead of selecting a hot topic like how to make money you should better pick a topic with medium level of appeal to your readers. If you manage to earn money through your selected topic with little innovation then you can select the topic as how to make money for your next niche website.

So your niche should be a topic for which you don’t need any kind of further guidance. Even you should have the ability to guide the others over your niche topic. If this is so, move ahead and select your niche to start your project for the ultimate success. Good luck.

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