Plan to develop a niche website

What is an effective plan to develop a niche website? I am not answering this question with lot of stereo-typed steps to make your site a success. I would simply be giving you several options to pick the best one at the each stage of the execution of your plan. Here is the list of the stages of the execution of your niche website plan.

ü  What do? Obviously developing a niche website

ü  Why to do? To earn money, and no doubt about it

ü  How to do? By do-it-yourself method

ü  When to do? Just after the completion of the plan

What to do?

This is the basic question of your plan to develop a niche website. You must be so definite on what to do. For this purpose first extensively read the benefits and the requirements to develop a niche website. Here I am giving you point wise information about these two points.

Benefits of a niche website

  • You can develop it yourself with little online help from various blogs on blogging
  • You can select a niche topic that should also be your area of expertise
  • You can write well on the topic of your expertise by yourself
  • You can easily explore advertisers to place their ads on your niche website
  • In a few initial months you have to struggle to make your base of website to grow further
  • With proper keywords in your quality contents you can drive huge traffic on your site
  • You can grab the attention of the internet visitors through your quality contents
  • You can sell the grabbed attention of your site visitors to the advertisers on payment of fee and commission
  • You can sell the space of your website to advertisers on per month basis
  • You can promote products and services of advertisers and earn commission on them
  • You can make your website a source of your part-time or full-time income depending upon the amount of time you give to it
  • You can make your niche website a permanent source of your income
  • If you properly monetize your niche website you can earn money even when you are sleeping

Requirements to develop a niche website

  • A computer
  • An internet connection
  • An area of your expertise that is in demand by readers and advertisers both
  • A basic sense of marketing; very basic not the expert level, just to sell your ideas
  • Ability to write contents or affordability to get them write by a content writer on wages
  • As much creativity as possible
  • As much passion as possible
  • Huge amount of patience
  • Proactive approach
  • Trust in yourself

Calendar of activities

So analyze yourself on the basis of the above points. Do you have all the above requirements? If so please take the first step and make up your mind to develop a niche website. After that you have to decide in how much time you have to complete your niche website. Split the entire amount of the required work in days, weeks and months. This would be your calendar of activity and its format should be like the below

S.No Work Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
1 Buy hosting & Domain ü
2 Select template ü
3 Name and description research and put them on website ü
4 Basic info and design plus layout insertion in template ü ü
5 Insertion of plug-ins and widgets ü
6 Posting of static contents ü


So, on the basis of the above table you have to develop entire calendar of the activities.

Why to do?

This the second most important question for an effective plan to develop a niche website. Here you have to mention the clear-cut objectives. They may be divided into primary and secondary objectives. In primary objectives you have to first decide either you want to develop a niche website to earn money or to support your ongoing earnings. Apart from these two objectives there is no any third objective. If it is so, it can be a secondary objective not the primary one.

So many people believe in developing a niche website as hobby. This cannot be called a niche website it can be called a personal niche website or personal niche blog. Believe me whoever wants to develop a niche website he/she must have the ultimate objective of earning money either sooner or later but without any monetary incentive you can’t work with the same level of motivation.

You secondary objectives depend upon the nature of your primary objectives. But all of them must support you to achieve your primary objectives. Usually secondary objectives are following

ü  To write quality contents of your niche

ü  To develop attractive and optimized design of your niche website

ü  To post regularly

ü  To bring huge traffic

ü  To monetize your niche website with a winning strategy

ü  To create a community of your niche

ü  To develop strong base of the regular visitors

ü  To develop rapport with your readers

ü  To make your readers believe in you

How to do?

Obviously if you want to be an entrepreneur you have to start by yourself. For this you have to learn the basics (only basics) of the following skills.

ü  Web languages including HTML, CSS, PHP, HTML5

ü  Development of blog on Blogger and WordPress at least

ü  Sense of layout and simple design

ü  How to open, save and save as a file in Adobe Photoshop

ü  How to resize and change the shades of a photo in Photo Editor

ü  How to upload contents on a website

Believe me you can learn the basics of the above skills in one day by going through the how-to type of the articles on above topics available in hundreds and thousands on the internet. After that you can simply make a timeline of the following action to start posting in your niche website

ü  Select your niche

ü  Finalize your domain name

ü  Select the hosting company and hosting package

ü  Buy hosting package and domain name

ü  Select template from WordPress or Blogger or from any other software

ü  Put basic information including site name and description in it

ü  Select the available design and layout

ü  Do search engine optimization of your site by putting title, description and meta tags

ü  Upload your first post in your niche website

When to do?

Exactly just after finishing your plan to develop a niche website you should start executing it. So just finish your plan to develop a niche website following the above guidelines and start posting in it. Good luck

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