Phone job interview

Phone job interview is conducted before in-person interview with following objectives.

  • To rationalize the lengthy list of candidates
  • To help outstation candidates save traveling expense if they are not fit for the job
  • To do the initial screening of those who are selected for in-person interview
  • To help candidate express at ease on phone if they are shy of talking in-person
  • To help candidate make a practice for in-person interview through phone interview

Usually there are three phases of phone job interview and for each phase there are different types of tips to be fully prepared and perform well.

Before phone job interview

If the hiring company or its human resource consultant phones you without any prior notice then you have no choice but to give the interview then and there. However, if someone from the company formally informs you that at a specified time you would be interviewed on phone then you have to take following steps:

  • If you have only cell phone, recharge its battery.
  • Remove call-waiting option to disallow any other call to interrupt while you were being interviewed.
  • If you have landline, prefer to give interview on that.
  • Remove any unnecessary item near the phone like empty pots, packets etc
  • At the exact time of interview free the phone-room from kids and pets
  • If there is wall clock or time piece near you stop their alerts and alarms
  • If you want to give interview on landline then keep your cell phone on silent mode
  • Orderly place all your relevant documents near you which you sent with your CV
  • Keep the copy of CV which you sent to company at the top of all the documents
  • Keep a notebook and pen to take notes and instructions
  • Keep a glass of water near you if you want to wet your mouth while being interviewed
  • Recall all possible questions which you may be asked and refresh their answers. To learn how to make preparation for job interview read other articles of this website


During phone job interview

  • As soon as the phone bell rings don’t pick up the phone in panic and don’t show yourself as overexcited.
  • First introduce yourself and on asking of interviewers reply him or her you are the same person who is to be interviewed
  • Reply the questions in medium speed and don’t try to unnecessarily elaborate your replies
  • Don’t speak in a way which needs facial expressions as you can’t show them
  • Try to avoid delivering occasional grunts while talking to interviewer like ooh, humm etc
  • If your interviewer tries to wind up don’t request him ask you more and if he or she keep asking never express in a way as if you are awaiting for finish
  • At the end ask politely when you would be informed of the phone job interview result if they do not tell you right then
  • If your interviewer inform you about the schedule of in-person interview note it down and also all other instructions regarding future process
  • If you are asked about your previous track record regarding education and professional experience refer the documents lying before you but don’t make undue noise while flipping over them


After phone job interview

  • Compile all notes to develop from them a “to do list”
  • If you are lucky enough to be selected for in-person interview make preparation for it and read other articles of this website which may help you a lot.
  • If you are not selected for the next stage of screening, don’t lose the heart because it is not end of the world. If you are really a hard worker, believe firmly that some better job is waiting for you.
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