4 tips to get 1000 daily visitors on your blog in one month

Don’t worry; I am not reviewing a product here that nowadays every pro blogger is doing. They are very smart people because they know the level of demand of such products. Because of the skyrocketing level of competition in blogosphere newbie have shifted their focus from freebies to premium products. Competition is so tough that is why they have no choice but to pay money and then earn money. You can’t earn money for free in this age of dog-eats-dog competition. If you are also in search of a premium product to increase the traffic on your blog you are …Read more »

5 tips to crush the fear of failure

Half of the people in this world avoid attempting due to the fear of failure. They always have intense desire to be successful but they are afraid of not achieving their goals. As a result they don’t plan to achieve them. Even if they plan they keep it dragging and don’t act upon it. Many people don’t have the fear of failure but they hate to be called flop. That is why they never attempt or even if they do so they don’t let others know about their attempting. Here are five tips to overcome the fear of failure. Your …Read more »

Role of decision making in your success

The right decision at the right time is a key to success. To achieve this key you need not to do any professional course. Nor you have to research how to make the best possible decision at the most perfect time. It is a habit which you must develop before starting your struggle. During your hard work you won’t have a chance to develop this habit and you might face a failure at the end of your journey. Did you see around you many people do the same amount of hard work but some of them become very successful and …Read more »

What is success; an addiction, a dream or something else?

A promising mentor of freelance blogging Sophie Lizard in her recent guest post termed the success an addiction. It means once a person succeeds, he always try to succeed. However, it is not necessary he makes it every time. So it gives an impression once a person succeeds he must do so in his every attempt else he would be like a habitual drunkard without drink. It means success is bad for those who once taste it but never get it again.  Therefore, it is not easy to get the answer of the question; what is success. It is not …Read more »

3 tips to appoint your own success guide

You might be surprised to read the topic of this post. How come an aspirant of success can appoint his own success guide? Its answer is simple. Make it with the help of the stories of other successful people. They may be near around you or you can get to know about them through the internet. You can also borrow books from your library to learn the life history of great people. In short you can easily make a thorough success guide yourself to achieve your goals. Instead of appointing someone just develop it by yourself, understand. What success means …Read more »

How to influence people with your qualities?

If you cannot influence people it means you would not be able to make your way to success. It is a rule of thumb and we can’t change it. You have to make people realize your presence if you want to be successful in this world. A tiny part of the crowd can never shine anywhere. He just has to complete his lifespan as routine. You would be surprised to know people who love to work from 9 to 5 cannot glow in this world as those who work when they want and don’t see watch while working. Their passion …Read more »

How to select the best way to success?

Is your way of struggle leading to success? Are you sure? Think again about it. Once you reach the final point you won’t have any choice. So before you repent you must review is it really the best way to success. Ok; you hope so. It means you are not sure about. Do you think you should take such a huge risk and just on your guess adopt a path to become a successful person? Don’t worry; in this article you would learn to explore the best way to success to avoid any chance of failure. There is no single …Read more »

How to bring excellence in everything; the easy way

So you want to do your every work perfectly. So much so that you may get its enormous reward that maybe money, fame, respect or love. You always go for the best in whatever you do. If you have to select the profession, you opt for the best one. If you have to buy a house you search for the excellent one you can afford. In short you want excellence in everything in your life. But we must remember that excellence can’t be bought or hired, it can be achieved. Let me explain you further. What we need in our …Read more »

How to get rich moderately; the right approach

Honestly speaking you can never get rich quickly in real world. It seems so fascinating in books and on money blogs but practically you have to first invest your time and money to get its return. Exceptions are always there but you cannot spoil your life for the one. On the other extreme it is also unwise to plan for getting rich slowly. What you would do with the money at your old age. You must have at least 40 per cent of your life to enjoy your affluence; right. Well the rational approach is to get rich moderately. Neither …Read more »

10 reasons you will never become rich

If someone predicts you will never become rich; how would you react? Obviously you will face sinking feeling. You might like to reject this prediction loudly or silently. But one thing is confirm you will never be happy to listen such foretelling. Everyone has always a desire to become rich sooner or later. This is the spark that keeps us struggling during our whole life. No doubt the benchmark to become rich varies from person to person. Someone think a few million dollars are enough; some other think billions and billions of dollars are must to be an affluent person. …Read more »

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