Overcoming fear of conflict

Overcoming fear of conflict is necessary if one has to understand the correct concept of the conflict. Are you afraid of getting into brawl with someone? You feel disputing so bad. You take it as a sort of fight. Above all do you think differing with someone is a negative act?

If you thinking on these lines given above then remember you will never succeed in overcoming fear of conflict. Either it is likely to happen in your home, in your residential area, in your office or in a place where you have to go and stay awhile. Off course it is your fundamental right to spend a peaceful life free of any sort of the confrontation but the fear of having dispute with any one means you are afraid to move ahead. It is a famous saying if you act, mistake is obvious. The only way to remain safe from committing a mistake is not doing any kind of work. If all would adopt this approach what would happen everywhere. There would be state of inactivity which may stand still the life itself.

For overcoming fear of conflict it is necessary to understand what conflict actually means. It is a state of a disagreement between the two or more than two persons on the following important points that are directly related to life:

  • How to do a work?
  • How to spend the life?
  • How to behave socially?
  • How to follow a school of thought?
  • How to take issues related to life?
  • How to perform duties?
  • How to wear clothes and what to wear when?
  • What to eat and when to eat?

There may be several other reasons of dispute between two or more persons but their proper understanding is must for overcoming fear of conflict.

The reason, not the intensity

Don’t look at the intensity of the dispute between the two persons. It happens severally that people fight with each other so aggressively over a trivial. In a backward society two neighbors resort to firing at each other over a minor dispute between their kids. Therefore, first evaluate the actual cause of the conflict and you would be surprised to note that ninety percent conflicts reported around the world just because of personal reasons of one or both of the conflicting parties. These personal reasons may range be egotism, snobbery, arrogance, stubbornness or any other personal negative attribute.

The purpose, not the effect

Yeah this is the main reason that many people fail to overcoming fear of conflict. According to all conflict management theories ninety nine percent conflicts hold positivity. Even if two inmates fight with each other their ultimate purpose of the fight most of the time is wellbeing of their home. Similarly two colleagues conflict with each other to excel in the organization which obviously has a purpose to perform good which ultimately boost the organization.


Therefore, for overcoming fear of conflict always keep two points in mind; the reason of the conflict and its purpose. This is called objective analysis of the confrontation. You would be surprised to note that after realizing the above facts many people feel bored when they were not in conflict for a long period of time. It doesn’t mean one should be eagerly waiting to have a dispute with someone. But one should neither welcome nor be afraid of it. This is the rational approach to deal a conflict.

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