Organizational conflict

A state of discord because of any difference of opinion on needs, values and interests between two or more people or groups in an organization is called organizational conflict. It can be minor or major but effect of both could be quite serious on the smooth functioning of an organization if it is not resolved amicably at its earlier stage. All organizational behavior experts agree that a dispute within an organization sometimes converts into as serious as that of a war between two countries if it is not addressed properly keeping in view of best interests of the organization itself.

Its causes may be different but positively speaking its purpose is same i.e to enhance the productivity of the organization. Confused? No one in a group disputes with someone else for any personal interest. In a professional environment all disputes are caused by difference of opinion on how to do a job. Both conflicting parties have different opinion on operating procedure to do a work but it is quite clear that both of them want to do that work with maximum results and minimum inputs. Their way of thinking actually brings them at loggerheads with each other.


Sometimes consequences of a conflict within the organization get so serious that its impact stays on its smooth functioning for quite a longer period of time. For example if two persons of different races in a western society don’t agree on single point regarding any internal issue and the one, who has less number of staffers of his or her race, is fired from the organization due to wrongfully conflicting with a colleague then all of his race-fellows would be feeling frustrated because of his or her exit and would be feeling insecure unless a wiser manager take up that issue and restore their confidence by standing by them. Till assurance of support from a boss, their performance would remain under stress and that is harmful for the productivity of any organization.


Some conflicts become so intense that a professional from the field of conflict management is hired to settle a serious dispute between two persons or groups in an outfit. Most of the medium scale companies usually don’t hire a fully fledged conflict manager nor does it expect from any member of its management to do that job occasionally. Therefore, such organizations don’t waste a single minute when they realize that a discord within their rank and file has grown to a stage which needs a professional mediation and they quickly employ a veteran expert of this field to accomplish the task of dispute resolution.


It is generally believed that when people get together then conflict is obvious to arise because when two persons talk with each other they have right to disagree with each other. Therefore, dispute is not a bad situation nor it could be treated like we do with an adverse situation. The wisdom lies in taking the difference of opinion between two people in the best interest of the organization by taking both of them on board and asking them to prove the their discord justified by contributing more in the productivity of the organization.

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