No decline in workplace deaths despite safety steps

Workplace deaths are not a new issue. Since the human beings started earning their livelihood collectively deaths occurred because of the unsafe working environment. In the beginning most of such human casualties occurred in the agriculture sector that was the sole earning source of the people. Most of the human needs were fulfilled through agriculture produce. There were no luxuries at that time and hence why there was no question of machines and factories to produce the luxuries.

Advancement in technology

With the progress in the fields of the science and technology the mechanized procedure of production was adopted in the agriculture sector. After the flood of the inventions of the luxury items a huge wave of industrialization had made every type of the production mechanized. As a result industrial sector stood along with the agriculture sector equally as a source of the production. Innovation expanded the industrialization. Consequently everything was produced through the machines.

Machine replaced the hands

Machines work under an automated system. Our control over them as compare to our hands is lesser. That is why we have to remain quite alert while machines operate. This factor became the foundation of the workplace safety. But safety has also its own limitation and cannot work beyond a certain level. Sudden faults in machines and accidents could not be controlled through any type of the workplace safety measures. That is why workplace deaths occur in almost all the sectors now. But their rise in recent past is a matter of grave concern for the workplace safety managers and workers themselves.

Sector-wise workplace deaths

According to the reports, which appear off and on in local and global media, the highest number of the workplace deaths is reported in mining, construction and transport sectors. Especially in transport sector the possibility of accidents is quite high. This sector covers entire manufacturing process of the vehicles and their usage including cars, buses, trucks, rails, ships and aero planes. The second most fatal sector is construction sector where workplace deaths are equally on the rise.

The mining sector workplace deaths occur due to the suffocation inside the mines and their blockades. The maximum safety measures in this sector sometimes fail to ensure the physical safety of the workers. That is why death compensation of the miners is usually higher than the workers of the other sectors.

Labor rights awareness

Rising level of labor rights though forced the employers to take full care of the safety of their employees. But accidents and mishaps cannot be controlled with safety measures. When a mishap has to happen it happens and observers keep on exploring its causes and blaming the irresponsible elements. Therefore, zero workplace deaths cannot be demanded but their decline must be ensured with proper workplace safety measures.


In most of the less developed countries there is a huge informal sector of the production of the various goods and services. In such countries most of the workplace deaths are not reported. A few are reported but no any precautionary measures are taken to control its rise. That is why there is a separate standard of workplace safety in the poor and the rich countries.

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