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Very few of us compare or contrast the niche site versus authority site. Blogger fraternity is so much engaged in the stiff competition in the blogosphere. They don’t have time to reexamine what they are doing over their niche website or blog. Aren’t they following expansionary approach? To keep pace with the competitors they are just adding over adding in their niche website. This is the blunder they are doing. This is because most of us don’t know the similarities and differences of niche site versus authority site.

There are five main differences to get clear about niche site versus authority site

Subject matters

A niche site has not a vast subject like the topic “foreign relations” but it has a specific subject with limited scope like “foreign relations in 21st century”. On the other hand an authority site has a subject with huge scope like “how to invest money”.

Quantity of contents

A niche site should have minimum ten to maximum fifteen articles directly related to the niche. Neither any slight deviation from it nor any innovation in topic is allowed. You should select the niche topic through Google Keyword Tool with minimum 1000 monthly searches but the keyword must be directly related to your niche. For authority site sky is the limit as far as the quantity of your contents is concerned. You can post daily one or even more than one article on authority site depending upon the pace of the day-to-day development in your niche.

Length of post

Here the difference is otherwise. For a niche site you need to write a detailed post covering every aspect of the topic. It should be such a good post to completely satisfy the information needs of your readers related to the niche. On the contrary the article of an authority site could vary depending upon the importance of the topic. Most pro bloggers suggest an article of 300 words to 1000 words sufficient for an authority site.

Domain relevancy

For niche site your domain name must reflect you niche. If your niche topic is the “best mutual funds”, so your domain name should be On the other hand, for your authority site you can select any domain you like but it should be simple and easy to remember. Many pro bloggers have made their own name as the domain name like

Loyalty of community

For your niche site you need not to create a loyal community through social media, RSS feed and email list. Because you have a few contents and you need not to bring them again and again. It means you don’t need loyal community for your niche site. For an authority site you need a huge amount of loyal visitors to not only visit your site frequently to read your updates but also to give maximum response to your marketing campaigns.

Examples of authority sites are and in information niche while niche sites are and

These are the five main points of difference while making a comparison and contrast of niche site versus authority site. I have developed these points on the basis of my studies on this subject and this is not a rule of thumb for their comparison. Do you think there are many other points on this subject? Please share them with us in the comments section below.

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