New trends in community leadership

Earlier someone has to toil a lot to become a community leader. For this purpose he had to spend a lot of time to serve the community. Mostly such positions were acquired in the past by active civil society members. They were from non-governmental organizations and community based organizations. A social leader was accepted as community guide simultaneously. The main criterion to select him was his previous services to the community.

Everything has changed

However, after the advent of a vibrant electronic and social media now community leadership has become quite challenging because now it is not done just on the basis of direct interaction with people. Now all the requirements for this position have been changed. Life has become so fast. People don’t have time to interact in-person at the community level. People even don’t have time to remain in touch through phone. They are so busy to write letters to each other. Earlier this practice was so common and even the massive movements were conducted through correspondence.

Role of social media

At present social media has become the most effective source for community leadership. If someone has thoughts, sincerity and skills to influence a group of people he can get this position quite easily. He just has to open an account on any popular social media to start leading the people. Now it is so easy to lead a group of people. This is an age of specialty. Therefore, for every issue community needs a separate leader. For social service, education, religion, spirituality, gender, go-green there is a separate guide or coach a community has. But he/she does his/her job purely on voluntary basis. Yes in some countries government pay to those people who act as mentor or guide for the community. However, it is not so common and is found in a few countries of the world.

Ease to lead thru social media

Through social media a community leader develops regular contact with his followers. He does not have to wait for his followers’ presence to talk to them. He just uploads his message and followers read it whenever they have time. In this sense it is become so easy to lead the group of people. Now one doesn’t have to go door to door to build opinion of the public of an area over a particular issue.

Community participation

The biggest task to lead the people through social media is to develop the participation of public in this medium of mutual interaction. People must also have their social media account and be added in the page, group or connection of the community leader to remain in touch with him. Otherwise they would not be able to get the message released by their leader. Therefore, social media awareness and its full utility is must to exploit this source to lead a group of people towards a set goal.

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