Movie production

Light, camera, action are the three oft repeated words in movie production process when director of the film start recording the scene of the film after lengthy rehearsals and auxiliary support like lightening, set designing and dialogue delivery.

A normal movie is produced usually in six months to two years all across the glob if there is no hitch appears in its production process. Such obstacles are usually related to censorship approval, on-location shootings and their permissions, problems in getting dates from big actors etc.

Usually an average movie has sixty to ninety scenes of one to two minutes each and maximum of five minutes’ climax scene. Scenes of lengthy durations usually bring boredom in viewers therefore their unnecessary length is avoided. However, if a scene is such a powerful enough which around the entire movie revolves then film director has discretion to prolong a scene just to fulfill its demand.

In South Asian movies, directors have an advantage to fill the gap in screenplay of the movie with songs and dances which is part of the cultures of various communities living there. In Indian cinema a movie is treated incomplete if there is no song in it. In other countries of South Asia like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, though focus is not made extensively on songs and dances but it reflects somewhere in whole movie either in a scene of restaurant or in that of a cultural feast.

In South East Asian countries, marshal art movies are most popular because this art is so common in their every day life. In China and Japan big budget movies can’t be a big success unless there is a blend of marshal art in at least few of its scenes.

In western world nothing is regular feature of movies other than strong technique like animations, sound effects, graphics, huge budget stunts etc. But their main focus is on story and its presentation. It can’t be denied that art of movie production begins from Hollywood and ends at Hollywood.

There are three phases of film production. First one is preproduction phases which comprises of development of concept or idea of a film then its development into a one-liner means small description of the idea. Thereafter, idea maker who is usually film producer or director hires a story writer and gets developed the story of film which later on converted into screenplay which means a story as per requirement of shooting it through its various character. After this a shoot plan is made which tells the director and producer which scene will be shot when and where. In casting, various actors and actresses are hired to act as different characters of the movie.

Second phase is production where all scenes of the film are shot at planned locations and each scene is stored in reel of movie to later on combine them into film through the process of editing. Lightening, set designing and cinematography are three important activities of production phase.

Third phase is called post production where all scenes are edited and unwanted shots are trimmed from it. Sound and voices of characters are properly managed or in some cases redubbed and music is mixed into it. After that a movie is fully produced and is sent to cinema for display.

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