Most asked job interview questions

Most asked job interview questions can be guessed by one’s own previous record of interviews apart from guidance and counseling by experts through internet articles and guide books. But one can not rely on them as sometimes an interviewer totally follows a different path and asks quite new and unique questions but this does not happen all the time. Usually out of ten guessed questions at least half of them are asked by the interviewer.

Most asked job interview questions are not found out just to know in advance what one is going to be asked in one’s interview the next day. It is actually a strategy for the preparation of job interview by developing their perfect answers and make practice of replying them with confidence and elegance instead of extempore answers which may make one fumble or falter the voice tone while replying.

Tell me about yourself

This is one of the most asked job interview questions in which interviewer tries to know every aspect of the personality of the candidate. The second purpose of asking this question is to know on which aspect of the personality a candidate is confident enough to begin his or her reply. Usually candidates begin their reply by mentioning their huge achievements and then come down to general attributes of their personality and professional qualities. Therefore, one should be shrewd enough to decide from where he or she should start replying this type of question.


Why do you want to join us?

It is another one of the simplest most asked job interview questions which is actually asked to know the interest level of the candidate in the job he or she has applied and also in the company where that job is vacant. In this way candidate is given an opportunity to justify why he or she should be selected for that job.


What do you know about our company so far?

It is not a general knowledge question but is considered key question of most asked job interview questions. The objective of asking such question is to know whether candidate collected all information about the company or just believe in word of mouth. In this way the level of interest of the candidate about the company is assessed to make any further decision.


Why did you leave your last job?

Here candidate should not be worry about the tone of this question as it doesn’t mean to investigate about one’s previous exit but to know how one feels after quitting one’s last job. Replying such questions candidate should control their emotions if he or she went through any bitter experience in previous job as it may leave a bad impression on interviewer even if the bitter reason is quite right.


Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses

This is one of the difficult most asked job interview questions where candidate must be so tactful while replying this dodgy question because strength in the eye of the candidate may be a weakness in the eye of interviewer. Like if someone feels that his or her over-commitment is his or her strength but interviewer has all the rights to consider it the stubbornness of the candidate and term it a weakness.

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5 thoughts on “Most asked job interview questions

  1. I’m not an expert when it comes to this. Didn’t even know this was possible. Useful read, appreciate your posting this.

    • I can say there are many of us struggling with the same sort of rloler-coaster of optimism and disappointment. Though I have been at my job for a year and a half, it is a job I never planned on, and it was always intended to be a short stopping place while I did my real job-search and considered graduate programs. So, now I am in a “career” that I never identified with, and my job search has slowed, b.c I am losing my confidence in “looking good on paper.” I have applied for an average of 3 jobs a month for the last 18 months, and though I’ve received two interviews most of my responses have been non-existent. The worst feeling is playing the waiting game, and never even getting a rejection slip. Part of you still thinks there might be hope, but 3 months pass and nothing. You cut your losses, and hope that at least next time you will get a form letter.anyway. At least I have a job, right? Maybe next time there will be more success. Maybe I’ll get another interview.

  2. Keep working, nice post! This was the information I had to know.

    • This is a tough one.The primary reoasn that people are terminated from a job is in not getting along with co-workers. My feeling is that the people who are going to hire you like you in the first few minutes (first interview) but when they spend more time with you, they find things about you that will be problematic with the group you’d work with.As a former owner of several companies, I had similar issues in hiring people. Things that would be the kiss of death for a potential employee (and I never told them this) were: someone who smokes (too much time outside), too talkative (too much time wasted), too much of a know-it-all (destroys team spirit), too much pontificating of a religious belief), and others.You need to take a hard look at yourself and see if you have any abrasive qualities, anything that would get on the nerves of people after they have been around you for more than the first interview. It’s likely that you won’t be able to recognize these yourself. In that case, ask a friend someone who will be brutally honest with you. It’s my guess that the problem will be revealed if you do this. Once you know the problem, it’s up to you to take steps to solve it.Or, maybe you will soon find a place that’s the perfect fit for you. Good luck.

  3. Great task writing Most asked job interview questions. I’d like to learn more on this topic.


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