Money blogging is not fun

There is a great misconception about blogging and money blogging. Both are taken as same by most of the bloggers. Mostly they first start it as a hobby and after a few months they aim to earn through it. Technically it is an incorrect approach. From the very first day you have to decide your future course of action. It sounds so fascinating when a pro blogger tells the audience that he initially started blogging as a hobby and then shifted to money blogging. There is a huge policy and strategy shift behind his statement with hard and continuous labor.

Therefore you have three options before starting a blog

  • Start a blog to see if you can do it or not. This is called a trial approach
  • Make a blog to express your views and thoughts with your community. This is called a catharsis approach
  • From the very beginning you plan for money blogging and move towards your goal step by step. This is called business approach.

Success in blogging is not by chance

This is the main understanding most of the bloggers have. They plan if they manage to get a huge amount of traffic they would just place Google Adsense and start earning money. It is not possible. You are not playing cricket that all of sudden you would clean bold the opponent batsman. If you select a highly searched niche topic even then you cannot do money blogging successful if you don’t have proper planning for it. There are three major steps to start earning money through your blog.

  • Unique and impressive contents
  • Highly search keywords in contents to get traffic
  • You ability to convert your readers as your subscribers through your contents

You will lose unique visitors

If you don’t aim to do money blogging from the very beginning your contents will not be that much impressive to put a big impact on your one-time visitors to allure them come back. It means if you get 80 unique visitors daily you are actually losing 80 visitors daily. They would not come back if your contents are not impressive. So it should be your strategy from the day one to write effective contents to hold the breath of your readers.

No SEO means no traffic

Even in this age of Google Panda and Penguin if you write for the readers only and don’t follow the on-page SEO requirements it means you are relying on small number of visitors. SEO still works but any kind of over-smartness in it will hit you back. So follow the basic SEO rules while writing your contents to grab the huge traffic. Mind it, if you don’t have traffic you can neither earn through Adsense nor you can convert them as buyers of your products. There won’t be any choice with you if you don’t have huge traffic.

Conversion is must for money blogging

Money blogging means getting attention of internet users and selling it to advertisers. Here you must have the art of directing the consumption urge of your readers towards the showcase of your advertiser. You must have the convincing power to make them purchase the products and services of your advertiser. Otherwise you can do anything but money blogging.

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