Likely list of the most profitable niches in 2013

I am not going to predict here in exact terms. It’s simply my guesstimate on the basis of the past and the present. Obviously there will not by any big change and the list of the most profitable niches in 2013 be more or less same. But their order may change. We can divide the blogging era of previous twelve years into three phases and the list of the lucrative niches was also quite different in order of their popularity during these times.

  • First one is the introductory era when blogging got popular all over the world.
  • Second one is the blogging boom era when whoever knew ABC of internet he/she tried blogging
  • Third one is the blogging profession era when a huge lot adopted it as a profession.

During these three eras bloggers moved towards specialization. After growing trends of monetization the appeal of personal blogging started fading. Newbies focused on money blogging. This was the time lately in last decade when people tried their luck in specialized blogging. This is called the beginning of the niche blogging.

During previous two years the concept of the micro niche blogging was introduced in the market. Its main purpose is to write a few articles on a micro niche and make a blog with updates over it. No regular posting, no huge contents. Just to the point little contents with lot of marketing efforts.

So this was the background why niche blogging was introduced in the market. This was because of the growing level of competition which forced bloggers to stick to a topic and make a strong and stable audience to sell the products.

With slight ups and downs the most profitable niches during the previous ten years have been the following

  1. Money making
  2. Blogging
  3. Technology
  4. Insurance & Finance
  5. How-to tips and advices
  6. Content marketing
  7. Social media
  8. Energy
  9. Health and fitness
  10. Celebrities

So there is good news for you if your niche is from the above list of the most lucrative niches. In 2013 nothing is going to change. Just the level of competition would change. Entry into the above top three of the most profitable niches is the hell of a task. You must have more than mastery over them. Otherwise review the above list from the bottom and try one of the bottom-three.

Remember; select the one that is really your niche. It means you must have the command over it, loads of interest in it, its keywords must be highly searched and advertisers are intensely competing with each other to place their ads in these niches.

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