Learn blogging from Nelson Mandela

I am not kidding. You can learn blogging from anybody you want. I am not talking about the technique. It’s all about blogging attitude. There are certain attitudinal requirements you must fulfill if you want to do something great in this field.

Who is Nelson Mandela?

He is the leadership icon of once South Africa and now of the entire world. He stood against the racism in his country. He raised his voice against the racism during those times when it was great sin to talk about the rights of the black. World was fully convinced those days that blacks have to obey the orders of whites. During those times he stood up over this injustice to black people.

Learn consistency from Nelson Mandela

Learn blogging from Nelson Mandela means the attribute of consistency you can learn from him. He spent 27 years of his life behind the bars on account of his stance for the equality of all human beings in South Africa. In preliminary years of being behind the bar he was not famous. But when he passed the ten years and did not give up, the whole world came to know his cause. By and by all the world became his supportive.

As a blogger you can win the hearts of your readers through consistency. Don’t worry you don’t have to spend 27 years for this purpose. This is not a country where you have to challenge the wrong practice of racism. You just have to make your readers believe that you are a serious blogger. You can do this in a few years. So remain consistent to win the hearts and minds of your readers and then convert them into your subscribers or customers.

Learn patience from Nelson Mandela

During your struggle as blogger you have to face difficult times. Sometimes your hardly-obtained traffic may take a nosedive because of your any SEO or design mistake. In this situation you don’t have to lose your heart and have to make effort to regain you position. The great leader of South Africa spent 27 years in prison and never lost his heart not left the struggle for his cause.

Learn humility from Nelson Mandela

The whole world idolizes him now. He does not hold any office but his entire nation and even all the nations of the world give him regard more than a president or prime minister deserves. He rose to a level that does not need any office. This is all because of his humility. He is down-to-earth person. He never boasts nor he is arrogant and remains in people and spends a life like an ordinary person.

As a blogger you have to follow him and don’t have to be slightly arrogant if you make a big success. Remember it is difficult to achieve success in the field blogging but it is a hell of task to maintain it. So remain humble and never ignore the fact once you were nothing in the field of blogging and by and by rose to this level.

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