Leadership crisis in Asia

Not very long ago, all the countries in Asia were satisfied by their respective leaders and there was a balance in every sector of the life. All countries in Asia were stable and leaders worked for the well-being and happiness of their countries and their people. They do so until now.

What happened to the balance?

Now, leaders are continuously working to collect nothing but riches for themselves and when their reign is over, they migrate to other continents taking what rightfully belongs to the public, with them. Previously, this was the case only for countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan and India, but now, this can be said for almost all of Asia. The fact that countries like Afghanistan are continuously at war and are becoming victims of outside attackers was not enough, so now, all of Asia has a ‘leadership crisis’ to handle too. Gradually, leaders started developing ‘greed’ which led to them seizing the rights and riches of the public. This gradual change is also known as ‘the rise of corruption’. All Asian leaders, excluding some immunity, are corrupt and are on the path of turning Asia- the continent of agriculture, history and riches to Asia- the continent now bankrupt.

What is happening: -

Asia right now, is in tremendous debt of countries from other continents like the United States of America, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and other countries in economic power positions in the world. Once, Asia was considered the land of riches and was also considered to be the richest among all continents. This is not a fact anymore, thanks to some tremendous help from our corrupt leaders and their greed. But, it’s not entirely their fault as we are the ones who vote in their favor, we are the ones who are upbringing our own downfall and we are the only ones responsible for weathering the storm. We do the part where we elect the wrong leader and the rest is done by the elected leader, this, is the cycle of destruction. What our leaders exactly do is that they take huge unnecessary loans from countries richer than them like the United States, and keep on loaning and loaning more money from countries instead of developing their country and extracting the riches out of their country and using the riches for the benefit of the people. Every single country in Asia has some qualities like fertile soil and has a gigantic amount of gold, coal, limestone, minerals and valuable gems ready to be extracted, which, the leaders are too lazy to do. Instead of extracting riches from their own country, leaders take loans and spend a little amount on the people and transfer a huge sum into their Swiss bank accounts.

Where we are headed: -

If we keep traveling on the track we currently are on, we will soon see the downfall of Asia and it will surely be an extreme one. There are ways to prevent this which every individual should attempt and remember every action makes a difference and every vote matters.

What do you think about the ongoing leadership crisis in Asia? How do you we can make a difference?

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