Leadership challenges in 2012

Leadership challenges in 2012 remained so tough. Either it is politics, geopolitics, business, economy, social sector or spiritual field; things were not at their smooth level. In politics, it was by and large a election year. The biggest super power of the world went through the presidential election during this year. In China, the top slot of its only political and ruling party was replaced by a new leader. In many Arab countries we saw the change of their rulers either through the use of power or at the mutual consent of all the parties. Hence in every field there was not so easy time for the leaders and they faced a lot of leadership challenges in 2012.

Aung San Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi the democratic leader of the Myanmar was given a little relief in 2012 but after her lengthy house-arrest of nearly more than twenty years. She faced worst of times during her struggle for the democracy. She did not give up and finally the dictatorship of Yangon had to surrender before her irony will. Now she faces lesser restrictions and is little bit of free to work with the people for the cause of the democracy. She has also been elected as member of the Myanmar parliament.

Nelson Mandela

Another leadership icon of the world Nelson Mandela faced health problems in 2012. He is still so sick. He has been a symbol of the irony will. He remained behind the bar for twenty seven years during his adulthood against the racism in South Africa. Because of his struggle now both black and white population has equal rights in one of the richest African countries. Now a day he is not directly ruling the country but would be ruling the hearts of the South Africans forever.

Barrack Obama

The first ever black president of the United States has recently been reelected as US President. He again proved his leadership prowess and defeated his opponent Mitt Romney – though with a thin margin. He very skillfully conducted his election campaign and won the vote of the majority on the basis of his past performance.

China party leadership

In China there is one party rule. Communist party rules the country as the sole claimant of the power. It has its own strict criteria to select a leader for its top slot. Every head of the Communist party stayed at the helm of affairs for quite a long time. Xi Jinping replaced the Hu Jintao as the party chief of the China.


Hence we can say that leadership challenges in 2012 were in every region of the world with particular reference to the field of the politics. In other fields the leaders don’t have huge global image and they lead the people at a limited scale. They also equally faced the score of leadership challenges in 2012 and proved their leadership qualities by overcoming lot of the challenges.

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