Job interview etiquette

Job interview etiquette is your desirable mannerism before, during and after the interview. You do not need to read volumes of ethics or psychology books to learn them. Simply you have to behave nicely to win a job which is obviously your ultimately goal. The basic rule “first impression is last impression” equally applies here. So your first impression must be telling to convince your interviewer that they by picking you he or she is also adding a nice human being in his or her organization.

Here are few most important job interview etiquette tips which may create your good impression on your interviewer.


Never think that no body at the place of interview is going to check what type of punctual you are? Even don’t assume that your number is at the end therefore, you may reach the interview place little later.

Not only the assistant assigned to help out the process of interview note down your level of punctuality but interview panel most of the time binds him or her to note down the time of arrival of each candidate.

Therefore, the only way to stay from such quandaries is just to be punctual preferably more than punctual by reaching well before time to be adjusted with environment there and ease yourself from any stress by assuming that first criteria of success in interview is punctuality and you followed it well and it is a good beginning.


Behave like a candidate

Regardless of your age, qualification and experience you are nothing but a candidate at the time of interview. Your cell phone must be off or at vibrant mode well before interview, if you smoke must avoid it in no-smoking zone and even where allowed try to defer it till interview is done. If you feel badly to smoke you may do so getting little away from interview room.


Make people remember you

If your interviewers are kind enough to talk to you so informally, never miss this chance and make them remember you. There are several techniques for this method, like giving them your business card, telling something informal about yourself but it must not be private or funny.


Look confident and act confidently

While talking, look in the eyes of interviewer but so politely. If he or she shakes hand respond warmly but not pretending so much warmth. Greet interviewers as Ms or Mr even they call you with your first name. You are bound to stay formal howsoever your interviewers are informal to you.


Let the interview moves on by itself

Never try to drive the process of interview by telling interviewers what should they ask you. Listen carefully their questions and wherever they comment on your replies listen patiently and just clarify if you feel necessary otherwise just be consented with their comments if these are not adverse enough to you. Don’t worry if something is missed by interviewer asking about you in this case you don’t have to act like their interview mentor.


Body language

Your body language should give an impression that you are the right person for that job. But don’t overreact. Your overall apparent personality consists of your dressing, hairstyle, shoes, cleanliness, facial expressions and body movement. It all must be in good balance perfectly matching your status of being candidate there.


Wrap up well

When you are allowed to go out at the end of interview, don’t be so curious but help them end your interview so nicely with a positive comment over the process with no great expectations but your words must reflect your hopefulness. Nice meeting you is good remark but so stereotyped so your facial expression should be so clear to let them know it’s more than nice meeting them.

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  1. Right Man, Being an IT pro In last couple of years i got to face many inweivrets. The main problem I faced first time was confidence . Seems you missed it, do mention for readers. Confidence and nervousness we should control these 2 things before even thinning about interview.


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