How would be the global business environment in 2013?

How would be the global business environment in 2013? Would it be on rise, on decline or standstill? This is not easy to reply. For this you have to analyze the whole global scenario of the business. Not only that but also you have to see the global business trends. How its tendency has been in previous one decade? Has it been robust, dwindling or static? But first of all we have to see the present scenario.

How would be the global business environment in 2013? To get its answer we have to see how it is right now. We have already discussed it in detail in our article Global Business Environment in 2012. But here again we repeat the main points reflecting its present status. Currently the overall scene in global business markets showed:

  • Elections in giant countries like US, Russia, Germany and France influenced the mood of the global markets
  • Natural catastrophes like Japan tsunami and US super storm sandy also jerked the global business
  • Regime changes and uprising in Arab countries affected the global oil markets
  • Financial crisis in European countries hit the business confidence in Europe
  • Persistent geo-political tensions in Middle East and South Asia dampened the business sentiments
  • Rising unemployment rates in most of the developed countries affected the world job markets

In view of above major developments we can say that global business environment in 2012 did not face any booster. Most of the times it had to face the troubles. However, despite of this it did not reflect any kind of pressure. It means it stood against the odds and remained firm to its actual position.

  • To predict on how would be the global business environment in 2013 we have to see major ongoing developments at the world scene. These are:
  • There is state of uncertainty in oil producing countries due to the chaotic disturbance in them
  • Iran is still adamant to continue its nuclear program and it is a cause of concern for the global community
  • Debt crisis in Euro Zone is still far from over and most of its countries need government interference to overcome them.
  • In war against terror global alliance could not make any big headway and it is still going on to retain the uncertainty at the global political front.
  • Natural disasters are happening everywhere around the world and it also develops state of the uncertainty in agriculture sector the direct victim of such incidents.

Therefore, we can say that global business environment in 2013 is not going to face any big change. It will be more or less same like it has been in this year. Any unpredicted incident’s occurrence cannot be ruled out at the global political front which is already so uncertain. Similarly for weather condition also nothing can be said in definite terms.

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