How to write script of film

The art of filmmaking is gaining interest around the world every day and so are directors, writers, script writers and filmmakers. Everyone wants to enter the occupation of filmmaking in any way one of which is to become a script writer. A scriptwriter is one who writes the screenplay and storyline of a movie. There are often more than one writers and are also highly paid. Although there is much effort to put in the scripts a writer creates, the product of that is also huge indeed. There are many institutes that train an individual to write scripts with innovative content but the creativity that a writer has cannot be taught but is in one’s blood. Everyone nowadays wants to learn how to write a script for movies so that they themselves can excel in the field of scriptwriting. Here are some instructions on how to write the script of a film:

1.   Select a genre- What you need to do to start writing the script of your movie is to select a genre- whether your movie is going to be a horror, comedy, romantic, action, thrill, or romantic comedy movie. It’s better to choose what you would like to see as your opinion also counts.

2.   Watch movies which relate to selected genre- Next, the best thing to do now is to watch movies that have the same genre as your movie and note both plus and minus points of the movie.

3.   Create the characters- Next you will have to create the character profiles for your selected characters. You should get to know your characters better- what they do, where they live, their personality and everything. It’s better to create different character profiles so that you can choose the best and get to know your character.

4.   Introduction- Now, start writing. Firstly you need to introduce your character to the audience- what they do, where they live, their attitude and what exactly are their goals that they will struggle to achieve. You should introduce the characters into with their daily lifestyle so that the audience can know what they were before the inciting incident has done to them. This should take up about 10 pages from your script.

5.   Inciting Incident- The inciting incident is basically the stimulant for the hero (ine). This is the specific incident that makes the character get off his lazy butt and go achieve what he has to achieve.

6.   Conflict- The conflict is the second most important part of the movie. The conflict is basically the problem or the set of problems that the hero/heroine has to face and overcome. No movie is complete without a conflict.

7.   The Climax- The climax is without doubt the most important part of the movie. This is the final showdown, the battle of battles where the hero/heroine faces the final conflict or battle against the ultimate supreme villain in the movie. The climax has to be innovative so that the movie is celebrated by the audience. It also must have a good ending to it which shows what happens after the climax.

8.   Revise and present- After you have a final about-100 page script in your hand, you should revise it as much as possible and then present to the producer and… well, hope for the best!

What do you think are the main stress points of writing a movie script? Do you have any suggestions for the improvement of the script?

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