How to write contents for your niche website Part 2

To write contents for your niche website means putting the soul in the body of your project. This is the main element which makes you successful. So its importance is so huge. If you fail or falter in this work your whole project would suffer. If content is the key product of your project then it must not be ordinary nor should be stereo-typed. At every step you have to follow the rule of uniqueness. Readers want something new and you have to fulfill this demand of your readers.

In our previous lesson “How to write contents for your niche website Part 1” we covered the main elements of a post in niche website. We discussed how to develop the contents with various popular segments. This is the universal rule to write a post. The same applies for the niche website as well. In this post we would discuss what are the common conceptual blunders that we must avoid while writing a smart post.

Your readers are smarter than you

Never underestimate your readers. No doubt you are the expert of your niche but collectively the whole lot of your readers or would-be readers has more knowledge than you. So never expect they would overlook your mistake nor you should think their memory is weak. They will not forget your blunders and will always hold an impression in view of your faults and qualities both. It is the nature of man to remember the faults of people more strongly than their qualities. So keep this rule in your mind and always try to avoid a slighter mistake.

No one needs sermons

It is so easy to give lengthy sermons to people. Most of the people are already doing this job in our society. Our elders, religious leaders, bosses, social mobilizers, thinkers, writers, poets and several others alike are just giving sermons dos and don’ts to people. The internet community is little different than the social community. It needs straightforward advices, simple tips, easy to understand points of views and practicable solutions for their problems. So instead of following the rule of verbosity to hide your lack of knowledge it is better to first research the topic of your post and then writes over it with a new blend of information and communication.

People are not loyal mostly

People offer their loyalty to one that has some value. So instead of expecting just loyalty from your readers make yourself eligible for it. For this you have to fulfill the true demands of your readers, if you can. Reproduction of the contents is the hugest activity going on in the world of the content marketing. So don’t become a part of it. Stand prominent and offer new things to your reader. Just imagine if I tell you two words blogger blog and wordpress blog. Which topic comes in your mind? Yes it is: “how to migrate your blogger blog to wordpress blog”. Whoever is venturing in the niche of blogging never misses to write a post over this topic. But he/she fails to give any additional information over the topic and just repeat the already available by presenting it differently. Remember difference in style does not count a lot. It is the unique stuff which makes you prominent in the huge crowd of the bloggers.

Quality over quantity

Never compromise over quality for the sake of quantity. If you fail to write one post per week it is ok because it is better to write one bad post per week. If you feel you are just repeating the available ideas don’t be hasty to do it just to fill the gap of your contents. Nor beat about the bush just to fill the space and achieve the target of your 500-word weekly or daily post.

Inspiration not imitation

You can see several bloggers who instead of getting inspiration from pro bloggers just imitate them that too very ridiculously. Even though some of them remained successful but they have yet to become authority in their subject. They are just imitating their inspiration instead of following them. The end result is that they stand behind their inspiration and would never make their separate identity.

So these are some conceptual tips to write contents for your niche website. In the third and the final tutorial on this topic we would be discussing technical tips to write contents for your niche website. Till then take care and continue blogging.

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