How to write contents for your niche website – Part 1

Writing for a niche website is little bit different than an ordinary writing for any authority site or personal blog. Here you have to be so much concise to disseminate maximum information with minimum rhetoric. As you know that through niche website you don’t make business through affiliates and most of your business depends upon Google Adsense and other ads of this type. Therefore, you don’t have to win the hearts of the people to make them buy your affiliate products. You just have to impress them with your impressive writing style that must be to-the-point and perfect. No lengthy sermons and no heart talk are allowed in contents for your niche website.

Owing to the importance of the contents for your niche website we have divided this tutorial into three parts. In first part we would discuss how to develop basic structure of the contents and in part 2 our focus would be on how to write effective contents for your niche website. In third part we would be discussing the tips and strategies to develop winning contents. So here we will simply cover how the basic structure of the contents is developed.

Title of your post

It must be easy to understand and the most appealing to the readers. The title of your post must make people stop to read it and desire to get its detail. While moving on highway we watch several signboards where impressive punch lines grab our attention. Sometimes we stop to read its detail. This is the art of the making people stop while they are moving. Same is the case with the title of your post. You must stop the people who are just browsing over the internet. Your title must be so much impressive that one can’t stop clicking over it to read its details. Following are the smart tips to write an eye-catching title of your post.

  • It must be easy to understand
  • Should not have any repetition of thoughts or ideas
  • Should not have any verbosity
  • Must not reflect any boasting
  • Should contain a little suspense
  • Should be thought-provoking
  • Its characters should not exceed 66 as per SEO requirements
  • It should have a keyword but should not be comprised of just keyword

Opening paragraph

You opening paragraph must be two-way introductory. It means you are introducing yourself to develop the affinity with your readers and also introducing the topic of your content to make your readers to get more details about it. You may start your opening paragraph with simply repeating the title of your post but this should not look ridiculous. Avoid this style if it does not make any sense in the opening of your introductory paragraph. Yes it is good to put the keyword in the first sentence of your opening paragraph. It is good from SEO point of view. You must cover the entire introduction of the topic of your post in the first paragraph because readers don’t like to jump into second paragraph if there is no change in its subject matter.

Body of the post

An average length of a post is usually ok if it comprises of 400 to 700 words. But it is not a rule of thumb. If the topic demands some further detail you are allowed to move up to the 1000 or even 1200 words. More than that may bore your readers. The art of the content writing does not lie in covering all the information on a topic. This art demands to cover the entire info in minimum possible words. Therefore, don’t compromise over length just for the sake of conciseness and offer full information but with brevity.

Concluding part

In the concluding part you must sum up your entire discussion. It is better to sum up it in dot format. You should show all the options, ways and opinions to your readers by leaving up to them to pick the best one. This approach is called intellectual approach that works in news-based niche websites. On the other hand for how-to and guidance type niche websites you have to draw a conclusion in your last paragraph.

Call to action

This is the most vital part of your post where you make your readers to participate with you. This makes you develop a community of your readers. Under this segment you invite readers to share their thoughts on your contents, or give suggestion or add something more in it. The objective of every type of the call to action is to motivate readers to participate on your niche website. Therefore, you should write call to action in the most appealing way. First you have to arouse the interest which you have done in earlier part of your post. So in conclusion you have to retain the interest level of your readers and just after that you have to put call to action to let them participate in the discussion.

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